Life with Fibromyalgia/ Chronic Pain/Lupus/Rheumatoid Arthritis/CFS - learn to listen to yourself when no one else understands

I will hang this plaque Larger of course on my front door so that everyday I will be reminded of this

Reach deep if you must. But choose starting today to be thankful. And if you find it easy to list the things you are thankful for.well be thankful for that!

Bits of Truth... all quotes

After a while I looked in the mirror and realized. wow, after all those hurts, scars, and trials, I really made it through. I did it. I survived that which was supposed to kill me. So a straightened my crown and walked away LIKE A BOSS

....and Spiritually Speaking: Spiritually Speaking Printable

You are not the mistakes you have made. Don't live in the past or with regrets. "Mistakes" were only lessons to make "now" truly joyous.

....and Spiritually Speaking: Family

Marvin J Ashton. None of us need one more person pointing out where we have failed or fallen short. What each of us does need is family, who believe in us, and who believes we're trying to do the best we can.

Jarek Puczel

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Bits of Truth... all quotes

I should have known after the first time you would leave me to face shit on my own, while you go about happy and unphased. I don't know why I protect you.