Fill a 1/2 wine barrel with flowers and a solar lantern

Wine Barrel with Flowers and Solar Light.what an easy project and beautiful too! You could change up the flowers/greenery for the holidays and have it year round! Already have the wine barrel and flowers just need the solar lantern!

Oxalis purple clover, a beautiful shade plant!

A big container full of "Charmed Wine" Oxalis! - Oxalis purple clover, a beautiful shade plant! - Many consider these invasive weeds, but in a container they're beautiful!

Flowers and rocks around tree. Would love to do this!

Rainbow Torch Lily Exotic Perennial

Tree Ring Seed Mats for Shade-Loving Flowers from Collections Etc.

How much light does your houseplant need? Find out on this handy chart.

Here's a useful visual guide to houseplants, according to their need for light and distance from light. High light, low light, medium light plants for indoors

stone mosaic walkway

kilwirra: Carlingford, Templetown, The Breakers Greek Garden- stone paving and terracotta pitcher (this is a very nice area of interest but not one that is easy to walk on, but then it doesn't seem to be designed for that either)

An all-natural weed killing solution that works on just about anything. You've got to try this one!

Magical, Natural, Weed Killing Potion

The Creek Line House: Magical, Natural, Weed Killing Potion - gallon of plain white vinegar (I've heard of using apple cider vinegar as well, but I don't think it's necessary) cup of salt 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid

Stone Flowers Garden Art         Hand Chipped Sandstone by dave450, $130.00

Stone Flowers Garden Art Hand Chipped Sandstone Dragonfly

Love the french vibe of this planting!

Drifts of drought tolerant plants-pick better compost than the lavender/yarrow that bloom all year or in different seasons.

birdhouse by foodjetaime

vintage tin bird house A beauty of a birdhouse! Birdhouse Bird feeder & Bird house Giant bird of paradise