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Organization Station

Organization Station

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OMGosh, this is brilliant! I need to pass it on to a handyman so I can have it. Ladies run out of room in our tiny closets.

Very simple -- the left side is the priority, right side can wait. Ss you finish the left side tasks, throw post-its away, then look at right side post-its and see which ones can be moved to left side. I might actually accomplish what I need to for my class! I'm definitely going to use this when I teach goal setting to my college students.

all you ever need to know

DIY remedies. This is amazing! I use Windex to kill flies. I wait until they land on a window, shoot with the windex to slow them down, then swat and wipe. CLEAN WINDOW with no fly residue.

The Lazy Shoe Zen.. $26.00, via Etsy. So clever!

Keep one in the shower filled with a mixture of half vinegar and half Dawn dishsoap. Use it to wipe down the shower while you are in there and your shower will always be clean.

Crisco Candle for emergency situations. Simply put a piece of string in a tub of shortening, and it will burn for up to 45 days....VERY SMART...makes sense.

Use an old VHS cover as a picture frame with hidden storage.

lost sock laundry room idea

Hanging planter basket re-purposed as a fruit holder. Frees up valuable counter space

Cover your refrigerator shelf with Saran's Press and Seal Wrap....then when it gets dirty you just peel it off and apply a new piece! Genius!

How flippin' pretty...putting them in a curio case.

Magazine rack as pot lid holder. I'm getting one of these.

Silverware tray to keep our toothbrushes off the counter and out of a cup. Dollar store tray. So smart!

Metal mailboxes spray painted...outside kids bedrooms. And leave them little notes, any mail they get, some treats, etc. Then they can hang their backpack and coat on the hooks. FUN! YOU GOT MAIL in my best aol voice

Need to remember this ... so many clothes I thought were ruined... Chalk will remove grease stains from clothes. Simply rub the stain with chalk, then toss in the wash as normal.

Aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. dispenser inside the pantry. I NEED THIS. Always fumbling with my boxes.

Store your cleaning products...this hangs on the inside of our utility room and I love it!

Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on ~~~so appropriate at this juncture in my life:) E!

Laundry room flat drying racks. Need this badly. hanging things from the shower rod and towel rods looks cluttered....but I would need a laundry room first, rather than a laundry closet

AND the 23K gold plated stapler. $149 ONe Kings Lane

23K Gold-Plated Stapler

and you have to have the 23K Gold Plated tape dispenser to go with the scissors. $129 One Kings Lane

23K Gold-Plated Tape Dispenser

How's this for decadence? 23K Gold plated scissors $89.00 ONe kings Lane

Cereal box covered in scrapbook paper with magnets on the side of the fridge. Great place to put the mail pile!

cut a slit into a toilet paper roll to make a wrapping paper cuff! (keeps the paper from unrolling everywhere)