This is my favorite. I like how it's enclosed, the lighting, the shelves. I like the extra large seat. Possible to put curtains around it to close it off from the rest of the room. I also like the multiple windows inside the enclosure.

63 Incredibly cozy and inspiring window seat ideas

This is a totally different feel but I love the rustic quality. It’s so cozy. I’d add some color though, like a curtain.

This is cosy. Like the cupboardbeds in the old farm houses long time ago (in the Netherlands it used to be quite common).

wow I could put my hookah in here too :)

“New reading nook! I came across an antique sari, which is over the papasan cover. It's all stuff I already had but I'm changing the whole house around.…” Bohemian room chair and thing over the chair

could see this as being an extension in my bedroom :)

House Tour: Christmas in a Rustic Modern English Home

I would never leave!!

I love this reading nook! Home Libraries: Natural Wood Library Nook built off Loft/Second Floor Stairs