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    Comfrey is a wonderful wound healer. It's great for bruises, sprains, inflammation, fractures and muscle aches. Learn how to make a comfrey poultice to keep on hand for when you need it.

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    Herbal antibiotics have long been used by herbal healers to ward off colds and flu, clear infections and speed wound healing. Top 15 herbal antibiotics.

    Pantry Medicine: A Simple Poultice for Swelling » The Medicine Woman's Roots

    Grandma called it Medicine leaf - common plantain, known as "life medicine" can be used for treating bites and stings, sunburn and other skin ailments.

    There are many, many uses for calendula! Calendula is perhaps most commonly known as a first aid remedy for cuts and wounds. It’s also used internally as an antimicrobial to help the body resist pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Having anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, astringent, and vulnerary properties, calendula is also a good herb for the skin. In this post, we have gathered together some of our favorite recipes and remedies using this herb for all sorts of u...

    This One of the Best Alternative Cancer Treatments Will Also Boost Brain Power. Turmeric is one of the most potent natural remedy for all sorts of ailments especially for pain and inflammation treatment.

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    Cardamom: Cardamom can be bought ground or whole - Detoxifies the body of caffeine - Cleanses kidneys and bladder - Stimulates digestive system and reduces r - Expectorant action - Improves circulation to the lungs and thus considered good for asthma and bronchitis - Antispasmodic - Can counteract excess acidity in the stomach - Stimulates appetite - Remedy for tendency to infection - Cures halitosis (bad breath)

    Stunning Arthritis Treatments That Get Powerful Results! -- Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are two incredible arthritis treatments. Here's why these little-known home remedies for arthritis work so amazingly well...

    A traditional Indian remedy for arthritis pain with pro-tips from India itself

    Arthritis relief! great list of herbs and essential oils to fight inflammation.... Homemade Herbal Remedies For Arthritis

    Wow! Works a Treat!! --- Powerful Home Remedy for Migraine That Gives Fast Relief... - Drink one of these simple, yummy smoothies everyday to reset and regulate your body! I Allways with a little Sevenpoint2 Greens. It s so delicious even your children will love these!!! - saksa.sevenpoint2...

    How To Start Using Herbs | Growing Up Herbal | Interested in learning how to use herbs for your family? Come along with me in this new series, and I'll show you how!

    @Herbalprepper Cat Ellis on The Changing Earth #Podcast. Hear chapter 5 of Day After Disaster and learn about herbal remedies for arthritis.

    These DIY Turmeric Supplements contain the anti-inflammatory herb along with synergistic herbal ingredients shown increase the bioavailability of turmeric.

    A common mistake often made is to think that the cold and flu are caused by bacteria, however both of these infections are actually caused by viruses. This is why when you go to the doctors for the...

    Home Remedies for Diarrhea That Give Fast Relief! -- Here's 8 of the best natural remedies for diarrhea that are guaranteed to give you or your child some welcome relief from this awful problem...

    26 Best Home Remedies for Cold and Flu Season | Herbal Remedies and Recipes | DIY Herbal Natural Tea, Infusions, Decoctions, Syrup and Tinctures at|#pioneersettler | #homesteading | #selfreliance

    Dry coughs are some of the most uncomfortable and debilitating. They can keep you up at night, make your throat raw, and double you over. But don;t worry! There's an herb for that!

    How To Make Deliciously Healthy Ginger Chews | Growing Up Herbal | Ginger chews are not only a delicious way to get herbs into your kids, but they help with upset tummies, car sickness, gas and more!

    10 healing herbs that are simple to use and find for the home medicine cabinet. Sustainability. Recycle. Environment

    Fire cider, otherwise known as "master tonic" or "cold and flu tonic", is an excellent herbal remedy. It works as an immune boosting preventative and as a powerful anti-microbial, decongesting, cold busting remedy.

    Treating a wet cough with herbs doesn't have to be daunting. In fact, making simple expectorant remedies is really easy! Learn how in this post on wet coughs.

    Thieves Vinegar - Herbal remedy historically used to fight the Plague, these recipes use antiviral and antibacterial herbs to boost immunity and fight germs

    Get a healthy start to the new year with a simple apple cider vinegar detox elixir. Easy to make and tastes great, it's an easy way to improve digestion and your overall health from the inside out! :: DontWastetheCrumb...

    Learn how to make falafel. It is easier than you think! Here is a delicious, flavor-packed and authentic recipe with step-by-step photos from The Mediterranean Dish!

    Crispy oven-baked Falafels! High-protein, nutritious vegan patties, perfect for meatless burgers and wraps! This recipe is so easy, all you need to do is blend all the ingredients in a food processor and bake in the oven! No need for messy frying!