The innocence of a child!

Girl from Guatemala,photo taken by Sergio Pessolano. Too shy to make eye contact, adorable little girl.

happy face!

This cute baby knows that happiness starts with just a smile. Let& create a world that starts with us, that starts with people trying to build community. Maybe when he grows up one day he won& be afraid to be himself and show others who he really is


Grandma Betty - World Photography Organization Oh Grandma, how stupendously pretty your smile is, what a warm tingle it gives me to gaze upon your photo! OH how I'd love to sit down and just her some of her stories .

She makes me smile! SO beautiful, they battle so many things but they always see the positive thing. To people with Down Syndrome you deserve all the joy you can get.

Wearing time.

♥www, jsimens-helping families worldwide. Imagine the stories.


My Heart, so precious, I won’t trade for a hundred thousand souls, yet your one smile takes it for Free. ~ Rumi ابتسم just smile

La belleza es ese misterio hermoso que no descifran ni la psicología ni la retórica. J:L:Borges

all the things those eyes have seen -Bibi kai, Kalash, Chitral, Pakistan. Photo M Atif Saeed