Rainbow frosting-- gotta try this sometime.

Rainbow frosting: apply paste food coloring to the sides of the pastry bag with a brush and then fill it with the frosting mix. The result? Multicolor rainbow swirls adorning your favorite cupcakes. could be fun to do with kiddos

Katis: Drawing with a bleach pen

Bleach Pen T-Shirt DIY Design Idea. Soo gonna invest in a bleach pin! SOOO gotta do this for a Tangled shirt and a Jack Frost shirt!

Blobs in a Bottle, The World's Easiest Lava Lamp - Science Bob

Blobs in a Bottle (The World's Easiest Lava Lamp) by sciencebob: Here is all you need: A clean 1 liter clear soda bottle cup of water Vegetable Oil Fizzing tablets (such as Alka Seltzer) Food coloring Kid's Science!

Printable Paper-ALL kinds if you need it, you can probably find it there~

This is a wonderful site: Free Printable Paper: graph paper, lined paper, financial paper, music paper, and

ridiculously good things by kaye blegvad

Idea for Art 2 Give someone a hand! ceramic hand dishes by Kaye Blegvad

installation with bottles.

35 Creative Backyard Designs Adding Interest to Landscaping Ideas / blue bottle house/ wall made like this would be ideal

Tiny Dinosaur Stud Earrings

dinosaur earring studs in sterling silver, brontosaurus earring studs, handmade in the UK

DIY Coconut Salt Scrub

Simple Homemade Gifts: Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub Simple homemade bath and body products make great gifts for almost everyone on your Christmas list. This recipe combines salt, coconut oil and Vitamin E oil to create a Homemade Coconut Salt Scrub.