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Weather app

Hello Guys :) This is my latest weather app look. I wanted to create the new style I& never tried. Any comments are welcome Thank you.

Music APP

My name is Xaiver. I'm super excited to be a part of the Dribbble community. This is my first shot at Dribble with a recent Mucis APP I did A huge thanks to my friends Gevil for in.

Decided to keep this here more for reference than as an example.

10 Fundamental Principles Of Visual Hierarchy! Visual Hierarchy is the key to conversions. It guides visitors through most important aspects of a design and puts information in the right place, in the right manner, to catch attention and make it more acce


Free Yoga Icons - FreebiesTeam The Best Free Yoga Icons!

Fully scalable stroke icons, stroke weight 3.5 pt. Useful for mobile apps, UI and Web.

Fully scalable stroke line icons, stroke weight pt. Useful for mobile apps, UI and Web.