colorful beetles, collections of like things are wonderful ways to make organic art collections.

Callot Soeurs dress 1920-22

Dress Callot Soeurs (French, active Date: Culture: French Medium: [no medium available] Dimensions: [no dimensions availa.

Ear Earrings

Ear Earrings // Worn by Regina Spektor // Sterling Silver Earrings

Oleg Cassini

Reserved for Johanna Oleg Cassini Black Tie Gold Beaded Cocktail Top, Bodysuit, Neiman Marcus

Doug Aitken's garden shower

Sound Garden

Whether they are freestanding, store-bought, or built-in, today& outdoor showers are accessible luxuries for many.

1920s German Art Deco Necklace, Chrome, Enamel & Galalith

German Art Deco Necklace, Chrome, Enamel & Galalith (in the online store) I think some of the best Art Deco jewelry came out of Germany in the Much of the styling borrows from French Deco.

1890-1900s Snake/Serpent Knot Ring

Snake/Serpent Knot Ring, Gold, Size 7 (sold) The design of this is particularly nice because the snakes form a knot, rather than the typical intertwined crossover shape of most late Victorian snake rings. Knot rings were very popular.

1860-70s Anglo-Indian Tiger Claw Earrings

Anglo-Indian Tiger Claw Earrings, Gold They’re also a particularly nice example of how century English jewelry began to draw on Indian design. And vice-versa. These were probably Indian-made, but fit to Victorian tastes.