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The focus of this magazine is on Christian Missions and Ministries, as well as Redemptive Media and Movies. It is a joint effort between interviewer/ journalist Dr. Diane Howard and designer/illustrator David Ray Skinner to share the Gospel’s redemptive message that is currently being woven into Christian outreach work, movies, and entertainment being produced today.
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Order of Rights
Dr. Diane Howard serves as interviewer, publicist for Order of Rights. The sacred value of each human life is being contested more and more today. A powerful new film, The Order of Rights, respectfully and carefully examines the arguments for and against the right to life of the unborn.
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Journey to Bethlehem
Dr. Diane Howard serves as interviewer, publicist for Journey to Bethlehem, which is a redemptive musical comedy.
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Interview with Harry Connick Jr.
Harry Connick is known for being a giving and caring man. He is a loving, great father and husband. Harry's faith shines through his life in all he does. Not only is he a famous jazz pianist, actor, Grammy and Emmy winner, but he also works with many outstanding charitable projects. Further, he is caring and encouraging to those he meets.
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Surprised by Oxford
Surprised by Oxford is most appropriate for young, older adults. As an initial agnostic at Oxford, Carolyn learned that faith and intellect are not antitehtical. God pursued her as He had C. S. Lewis. As she resisted faith, finding it an inconvenient impediment, she, like C. S. Lewis, was a most reluctant convert. Like Lewis, she found that real life and God were in paradoxes. She learned that paradoxes are only seeming contradictions. She found that faith and intellect can coexist richly.
Unbroken, Path to Redemption begins where Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken ends. Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini has intense PTSD struggles when he returns to the U.S, having been a prisoner of war in WWII. His struggles lead him to alcoholism, but he finds faith in Christ and transforming victory over intense struggles. Louis Zamperini, Finding Faith, Merritt Patterson, Top Movie, Tv Media
Unbroken, Path to Redemption
Unbroken, Path to Redemption begins where Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken ends. Olympic athlete Louis Zamperini has intense PTSD struggles when he returns to the U.S, having been a prisoner of war in WWII. His struggles lead him to alcoholism, but he finds faith in Christ and transforming victory over intense struggles.
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Real-Life Hero Depicted in Movie
Deepwater Horizon was an offshore drilling rig located in the Gulf of Mexico, about 250 miles southeast of Houston. On April 20, 2010, an uncontrollable blowout caused an explosion on the rig, killing 11 crewmen and causing the largest oil spill in U.S. waters. A survivor, Caleb Holloway, recently gave a powerful, moving, heart-felt exclusive interview to Dr. Diane Howard about what he experienced in the real explosion of the Deepwater Horizon. He is depicted in the movie Deepwater Horizon.
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Times of Fire: 7 Churches of Revelation
This on-site film of The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire has been produced by Thinking Man Films. See what other outstanding films they have produced, . This film has also been distributed by Fathom Events and Faith Content Network. See ...
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I Can Only Imagine
Dennis Quaid, Trace Adkins star in this true story behind MercyMe’s beloved hit song. Quaid gives one of his most powerful performances on screen in this movie. Running from a troubled home life and broken relationship, Bart Millard found escape in music. Hitting the road in a decrepit tour bus, Bart and his band MercyMe set out on an amazing journey. This is an uplifting, music-filled movie beautifully illustrating the power of forgiveness and God’s love. This interview with Millard inspires.
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War Room
War Room is honest and vulnerable as it centers on a middle class couple who appears to have it all, but whose marriage has become a war zone with their daughter in the midst. The extraordinary cast, including award-winning actress Karen Abercrombie, brings a depth of spirit, soul, and wisdom to their performances.
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I'm Not Ashamed
I’M NOT ASHAMED is the true story of 17-year-old Rachel Scott, first student killed in the Columbine H. S. massacre in 1999. This film, from her personal diary, depicts Rachel’s extraordinary courage, strength, unwavering faith in the midst of tragedy. In her final moments after being shot repeatedly by classmates Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Rachel refused to deny her Lord and Savior. Her attackers asked Rachel if she still believed in God. She said, “You know I do.” They then fatally shot her.
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'The Star' Animated Family Film Shines Light on Christmas - Sonoma Christian Home
“The Star brilliantly tells the story of the first Christmas from the perspective of the adventurous animals who contributed to the journey and bore witness to the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ. The entire family will laugh and be inspired as they experience the power of faith, friends, and courage through the eyes of these brave, heroic animals,” said President & CEO of Franklin Entertainment and Executive Produce of Sony Pictures new film The Star, DeVon Franklin.
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Biggest little Farm
Award-winning documentary film, The Biggest Little Farm, is a suspenseful, emotional true story of John and Molly Chester decide to build a dream farm outside of L.A. Audiences follow their daunting but fascinating eight-year journey of planting 10,000 orchard trees and over 200 different crops, as well as caring for animals of every kind which include an unforgettable pig, Emma, and her best friend, Greasy, the rooster.
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Sound of Freedom
This powerful movie is a growing rallying call to end human trafficking. It is not gratuitous. It has great heart and hope. More and more movie theaters around the world are showing it. The acting is outstanding, especially that of Jim Caviezel. The cast and crew are people of great skill and character.
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Dreamin' Wild
Dreamin’ Wild (Roadside Attractions) is a new movie that is especially needed today. It questions whether projects or people are more important. It is authentic and honest but engaging. It is a wonderfully inspirational movie based on a true story of love and redemption in an extended family. This PG-rated movie has no salacious or gratuitous elements. It is suitable for teens through older adults.
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Interview, Steve Cleary, Producer of Pilgrim's Progress
The filmmakers have committed to donate this film to missionaries, home church leaders, underground church leaders, and others around the world, in 100 languages. The film is already being translated into 26 languages most often in regions where Christians face extreme danger, including Mandarin, Spanish and Farsi.