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coffee filter earth craft for kids that is easy to make and looks great on the table
Easy Earth Day Craft with Coffee Filter
water pollution fun science activities for kids to do at home or in the classroom with toddlers
Water Pollution for Kids: Fun Science Activities
Water Pollution for Kids: Fun Science Activities
the process of making soap using plastic bags
60+ DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour
Jelly Fish in a Bottle Project | Cool and Simple Craft Projects for Kids by DIY Ready at
a pink and blue paper plate sitting on top of a table
Having Fun at Home
oyster craft...for sea life week!
an image of hands - on science creating and comparing habitats with penguin figurines
Animal Habitats Project: Arctic & Forest Animals
Arctic animals and Forest animals - Comparing Habitats with this easy hands-on science activity!
an image of food chain diagram with fish and man working on the pole, which is labeled
Food Web
Food Web - Chesapeake Bay Program
the water pollution experiment is in plastic containers
Polluting a Fish for Earth Day (or any day really!)
Teaching science is a fun and engaging activity with this science experiment! Check out this idea on how to help students explore pollution for Earth Day or any science lesson!
a child's hand holding up a sign that says bodies of water, river, pond, lake and ocean
Bodies of Water Anchor Chart
a paper cut out of a polar bear with an animal's face on it
Food Chain Collage
Food Chain Collage - such a great way integrate science and art. Fun extension for Project Learning Tree's Web of Life activity.
salt water density in a measuring cup
Salt Water Density Experiment | Little Bins for Little Hands
Salt Water Density Science Experiment. Sink or float science experiment. Floating egg salt water challene.
the science of clean water in a blender
Science of clean water: making your own water filter
a stack of books sitting on top of a table next to a vase with an origami bird
Solar Updraft Tower
there are five cups with animals on them
Food Chain Stacking Cups - Roving Fiddle Head
Food Chain Stacking Cups
a potted plant with some green grass in it
the teacher wife
Growing grass
there are several cakes on the shelves with words reading weathering and trasion
Weathering and Erosion
Teaching science can be engaging with this hands-on activity. This experiment helps students see that weathering and erosion can be slowed down but not stopped. Check out this science teaching idea for your elementary classroom!