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Deividas Umbrasas

Deividas Umbrasas
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I started watching Top Gear because I'm dating a car guy.I keep watching Top Gear because it's hilarious!

6 wheeled Mercedes

Funny pictures about Love Me Some Top Gear. Oh, and cool pics about Love Me Some Top Gear. Also, Love Me Some Top Gear photos.

winter pin up | misserchmitt: I love my country and our girls!

Creative Illustrations By Geliografic Designerscouch Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you. Social bookmarking of pictures and videos. Find your pictures and videos.

1. People Will Take You Seriously 2. Your Self-Confidence will Increase 3. You'll Appear More Trustworthy 4. You'll Be More Prepared 5. Others Will Feel Respected 6. You'll Become More Engaged in Life 7. You'll Maximize Your Wardrobe Investment - 8. It Increases Your Standards 9. You'll Be Motivated to Get & Stay Fit 10. You'll Be More Focused on Quality vs. Quantity

While the classy woman has many different facets to her, I continually receive the most requests for content on how to dress elegan.

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“ greetings from Union, Illinois James! Couldn't help but think of you when we drove past this street!

#cool #cars. This is too cool not to share. From Smyth Performance, Automotive Customizing location in Wareham, Massachusetts..  This is so odd it's cool. It's a converted VW wagon into this beautiful piece of art. I had to share here for other Pinners to pin.    From Smyth Performance "We are going to keep the wild VW truck hot rod theme going a little longer...thanks for the photo eric"

It said "VW Camper concept powered by custom chopper motorcycle by Amen Design & Engineering." I don't know of any motorcycle engine with enough power to push this big thing around. Looks like something the Shredder r Darth Vader would own.