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Aguas Frescas~T~ so many different recipes-Tamarind Water,Banana water, Rice water, Prickly Pear water, Walnut Horchata, Oatmeal water, Hibiscus Flower water, Chia Seed water, Cucumber Water, Watermelon water, Strawberry water, Strawberry Milk Drink, Lemon and Mint water and Lime water.

Aguas Frescas: Tamarind Water Banana water Rice water Prickly Pear water Walnut Horchata Oatmeal water Hibiscus Flower water Chia Seed water Cucumber Water Watermelon water Strawberry water Strawberry Milk Drink Lemon and Mint water Lime water.

Agua fresca, Spanish for “cool water” or “fresh water,” is a mix of fruit, flowers or herbs,  sugar and water creating a refreshing and tasteful drink for a warm day! I love them for more

4 Delicious Agua Fresca Recipes and tips to create an agua fresca bar. What a fun idea for a Latin brunch party or outdoor event.