Weekly Workout Plan--good not only limited to summer

Evening Ab Workout (Peanut Butter Fingers)


Squats and lunges are arguably the best exercises for your butt - but for those that can't do them, here are 6 best alternatives to still get firm and round bum.

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You need to favorite this list of 10 drinks to consume when you are learning how to quit drinking soda. They will be your life saver!

10 Things to Drink Instead of Soda (When You Hate Water)


The 50 Best Races in America...the Georgia one, the Peachtree race, signed up and training for that bad boy!! :D

The 50 Best Races in America


Make them stare

20 Tough but Effective Butt Exercises of All Time


Better butt exercise moves! In this video, celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson shows you four amazing moves to lift and firm your bottom. | Health.com

4 Booty-Boosting Butt Exercises


Six Pack Challenge custom workout for Sworkit for iOS and Android. If you have the Sworkit app, you can import this workout directly into the app: http://m.sworkit.com/share?w=-ynbPpvVN

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Add frozen fruit to your water bottle. // 24 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Exercising Easier

24 Fitness Hacks That Will Make Exercising Easier


4 Best Home Exercises for those Flabby Arms. Could also do this at work when no one's looking :)

4 Best Home Exercises for those Flabby Arms


Exercises for a bigger butt.... What mine is too big already, found this amusing!!!

Take Your Butt From Flat to Full With These 11 Moves


Pinterest Workout Review: Skinny Mom's Thigh Thinning Circuit

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34 Surprisingly Delicious High-Protein Smoothie Recipes


How to avoid the freshman 15

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Ab workout challenge

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Nutritionist-Approved Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks | YouBeauty


Squat and Push-Up 31-Day Bootcamp {a monthly workout calendar}

Squat & Push-Up Bootcamp: Monthly Workout Calendar


Back On Pointe

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Leg Workout! What a great workout..wish i had a treadmill...X

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Pounds vs Calories. You need a 3500 calorie deficit through exercise and diet to lose one pound. It takes time.

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Victory Fitness: Three miles in 30 days running program

Victory Fitness: Three miles in 30 days running program


For the couple anons who asked what moves are good for lower abs, I do these types of crunches and leg lifts every day and they seem to be really helping with my love handles and tummy pooch :)))

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The plank is one of the best multitasking moves to work your abs, your arms, and your back all at once. If you vary the basic plank, then you'll have a whole slew of different exercises to target every inch of your body. Here are eight variations to bring about a stronger, more toned you.

The Only Move You Need to Tone Your Entire Body


This seemed like the "easiest" one so I don't have to kill my creaky knees with squats. Let's see if I can stick to it.

Neila Rey's 30 Day Ab Challenge - Coregasms


Back On Pointe

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Summer workout schedule...use as a guide for weekly workouts...can be tailored to your ability

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