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Can get the nail art anchor from Avon . Simply paint nail in yr chosen color, stick anchor (nail art) on to whichever nail u prefer and yr good to go.

Beautiful Nail Art Tutorials – Ombre Tape Nail Art

Perfect summer holiday nails maybe do the zig zag different colours as well. Note to self; need zig zag nail tape!

So not the ordinary. I need tape!

33 Cool Nail Art Ideas - Fun and Easy DIY Nail Designs - Step By Step Tutorials and Instructions for Manicures at Home - Scotch Tape Striped Manicure Nail Design Tutorial

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Bright orange coral Neon nail art design, I am really liking this color right now

Pink and White Chevron Nail Design.

50 Lovely Pink and White Nail Art Designs

Pink silver glitter blue and white nautical themed nails❤️❤️❤️ anchor nail art, nautical nail art❤️❤️❤️if I get acrylic this is what I'm getting

Coral and Chevron Nails

21 Incredible Nail Art Designs You'll Want Immediately

Very glittery nail art. It's nice and refreshing.

Mint nails with sparkle gradient. Accent nail: white base, darker mint and silver sparkle lines