Aperture explained in pictures. Shows how different aperture settings affect exposure.only one part of the exposure triangle.ISO and Shutter Speed are the other two.

Slimming hand placement.  No photoshop needed

Simple posing tips for curvy girls - cover arms and bring hands together at waist. (We need to find more tips like this!

poppies, wonderful depth of field

A field of poppies . and I love poppies. Great in mass, but sad when they go dormant in early summer. I always have poppies but in small clumps so I can hide the bare spot when dormant.


I love the shapes. The flowing fabrics and the strong lines of the dancers' bodies are a beautiful contrast, and all together they contort themselves into these organic shapes that are both graceful and powerful. Just begging for a sculpture!

Learn how to create ethereal images like this with this video tutorial from PicMonkey.

How to Make a Double Exposure

I'm not advertising PicMonkey. In fact, when a model ran one of my photos through PicMonkey, it definitely degraded the sharpness. I just like the photo.

5 Boudoir Posing Techniques for Problem Areas

5 Boudoir Posing Techniques for Problem Areas

gorgeous senior shoot... love the red

LOVE THE HAT and eyes and garden! bring ma's old picnic basket, pick wildflowers, bring journals and pens, and old vintage books/camera

Alex Stoddard, amazing photographer

Stunning Self-Portraits by a 17-Year-Old (18 photos)

"Hurricane Alex" by 17 year-old Georgia high school student & photographer Alex Stoddard; part of his project: 1 photograph/portrait each day for one year

Enter to win a new camera bag AND a canon 50mm 1.4 lens!

Great Give a Way at Pure Photoshop Actions of a Beautiful Jo Tote and Canon 50 Hurry time is running out!