Black and White Underwater Photography by Hengki Koentjoro

Take a look at these stunning black and white underwater photographs by Indonesian photographer, Hengki Koentjoro . Koentjoro’s work are.

by Jim Kazanjian

Impossible Fantasy Buildings Constructed With Architectural Elements From Photos. Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian has created a series of mysterious photographs that depicts surreal buildings that will look right at home in a fantasy movie.

by Jim Kazanjian.

Digitally manipulated photos by Jim Kazanjian. Portland-based artist Jim Kazanjian digitally manipulates photographs to generate completely unique and fantastical images that look like the wreckage of a ravaged, steam-punk planet.

by Jim Kazanjian...freedom from naturalistic vision gives way to an uncanny space that is familiar but foreign—a fantasy both wild and gloomy.

Photo montages create mind-boggling buildings Artist Jim Kazanjian has carefully combed through thousands of photographs to digitally reconstruct components into fantastical feats of architecture.