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Obummer Care!

Obummer Care!

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The perfect storm is coming together to destroy Obamacare once and for all, and the GOP in Washington is working on the Obamacare bailout.

JUDSON PHILLIPS: A perfect storm of Republican idiocy

Congress Implicated In Obamacare Scandal --------------------------------------------------- THIEVES: At least 12,359 members of Congress, congressional staffers, and their spouses and dependents currently purchase health insurance in D.C.’s Small Business Exchange even though Congress far exceeds D.C. law’s 50-employee limit for participating in the exchange.

Welcome To 0bamaKare, Amerika! ---------------------------------------------------- IRS Dubs Obamacare’s Individual Mandate Fine A “Shared Responsibility Payment”…


Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots - Patriot Groups throughout the Maricopa and North Pinal County area.

Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots



Supremes forward onto totalitarianism

Patriot Post

Death panels! Government decides when or IF you get treatment!! Why the HELL do you think that everyone brings their family members to the U.S.A. for treatment??? They cannot get good care in the Socialist/Communist countries!! Is that what you want for America?

Truth hurts


Washington Post and CBS Receiving Kickbacks from Obamacare Funds | The Conservative Papers

Krauthammer slams media’s Obamacare silence, urges truth-seekers to ‘try Fox’ [VIDEO]

Truth about Obozocare

Bill O'Reilly on Obamacare: "What a colossal mess. In 36 years of journalism I've never seen a bigger mess than this." 11-13-2013


... too

Obama-care can only survive if enough people sign up! Oh! & you lose your liberties if you sign up... sneaky little clause! Opt out!

WaPo: No, you can’t keep your doctor or your hospital in ObamaCare posted at 8:41 am on November 21, 2013 by Ed Morrissey