How BookBub’s Selection Process Works

You’re most likely familiar with Bookbub; You may not be aware of Bookbub Partners, though; Bookbub’s tips area.

Content Marketing Challenges

4 Ways to Train Employee-Referral Rock Stars - The Stone Builders Rejected

Customizing content for different SM platforms

How to Craft the Perfect Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Managing a social media strategy is consistently challenging for individuals and businesses of all sizes. There’s the art of uncovering when to post your content. Continually measuring your ROI and…

Super Friendly Tools to Help You Measure Your Marketing Success

Super Friendly Tools to Help You Measure Your Marketing Success

PortfolioQuest will use the funding to fuel its virtual simulation tool’s global beta version rollout

PESO method of marketin and PR

The PESO model has been used in PR campaigns for years, and it's a model that can work for your book promotion and marketing efforts.

Engagement, Not Traffic, Is The Future of Social Media


5 tips to make your email look even better in Mailerlite. From mailerlite

Building an Email List

Email Marketing for Authors: Best practices for building, managing and measuring your email list - Written Word Media

How to Create a Facebook Group (and Build an Engaged Community)

The Ideal Facebook Cover Photo: See the Best Sizes & Styles

Cover Template, Banner Template, Facebook Banner, Website, Sample Resume, Cover Photos

Smashwords 2017 Report

Free Kindle Book - Smashwords Book Marketing Guide - How to Market any Book for Free (Smashwords Guides Email March 2017 (PKCT3C) Email March 2017 (PKCT3C)

We are offering all authors a full month's worth of book promotion services.