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    Hurricane Resistant Homes

    Hurricane Resistant Homes

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    What's better than a house at the beach? A house on an island that is mainly a US National Park. This Deltec Windsor model and adjacent 2-story guest house are perched on a plateau high in the sky, offering panoramic views of white beaches, emerald cays, and turquoise waters. Of course, the fact that Deltec homes are hurricane resistant adds another note of tranquility to this paradise!

    Our homeowner says, "We have been through three hurricanes which were all direct hits: Ivan, Katrina, and Dennis. The only damage we had were a few lost shingles on one side of the house. That was it.” Palmer D., – Gulf Shores, AL 2070 Windsor on pilings ‪#‎hurricaneproof‬ ‪#‎prefab‬ ‪#‎madeinamerica‬

    Introducing Deltec Homes (video) - Green Homes - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

    Elevate yourself. Areas along coastlines are frequently subject to high water levels and wave action from strong storms and hurricanes, compromising conventional building foundations. A better idea is to build on pilings. A Deltec on pilings is the perfect solution for your beach home, as is proven by our unmatched, perfect record against hurricanes. Click to see why our homes are #hurricaneresistant. #madeinamerica #prefab

    The strongest, safest home you can buy. Period. #HurricaneProof

    THIS is how you build a #prefab home. #deltechomes #MadeinAmerica #ManufacturedinAmerica

    This Deltec home survived, without a scratch or crack, a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in August, 2011. The epicenter was just 2.7 miles south of the house.

    THIS is how you build a #prefab home. #deltechomes #MadeinAmerica #ManufacturedinAmerica

    Move over, Willy Wonka: Deltec Homes coming through! This pneumatic elevator takes you straight up through two floors of open-to-below beams in this gorgeous Deltec, located on the Eastern Shore, in Virginia. Follow the link for more of this house: #prefab #roundhouse #MadeinAmerica

    A Coastal Beauty. We find this three-level Deltec, a Windsor model, to be pretty amazing, and not just because of the pneumatic vacuum elevator—although, really, how cool is that! Builder Jim Schneider is particularly proud of the energy rating achieved on this house: they’ve achieved a HERS rating of 49, meaning this house is 51% more efficient than a house built to code! See more pictures of this home.

    When Hurricane Sandy slammed the New Jersey coast, the Guerins witnessed the true hurricane resistance of their Deltec: Many nearby properties, even those ‘protected’ behind a bulkhead, suffered significant water and wind destruction. Indeed, the bulkheads themselves were destroyed so as to be useless. The Deltec? The only damage to this family's home was a single turned-up shingle on the roof. blog.deltechomes.... #roundhouse #sandy

    Great expectations. This Chesapeake model, at 1496 sq ft, promises all good things: A beautiful bay of windows to enjoy a sweeping panoramic view of the water and mountains; precision-engineered construction delivering maximum energy efficiency; and an array of features that work together, making a Deltec the strongest home you can build in challenging conditions. Have questions about building a Deltec? Shoot us an email at roundhouse@deltec.... #roundhouse #greatexpectations #prefab

    'Diamond' Lumber: where quality translates to strength durability. If you know anything about sustainable tree harvesting for wood, as well as the quality of wood harvested, then you will find this photo beautiful indeed.If you don’t know about wood construction and are thinking about building a home, then you need to be informed. Read more.

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    This Deltec offers 2070 sq ft of spacious living. Fabulous 3-tier deck connects to wraparound deck. Built on pilings that create a shaded oasis under the house, used as a patio. With cool white siding & a stunning blue roof, this nautilus-like #DeltecHome is an island paradise. Located on an island off the coast of Florida, Deltec's documented resistance to hurricane force winds (and even a few tornadoes and earthquakes!) adds a serenity that is priceless. #hurricaneresistant #roundhouse

    This Deltec is flawless, from its stone facade entryway & smashing red front door to its extremely resistant cement & wood fiber siding. A deep 3'9" overhang and an inviting wraparound, shade-creating deck are perfect for its Florida climate. What you don't see is just as important as what you do see: these homeowners opted for our hurricane package and the peace of mind that brings. Click to order free catalog!

    Round houses ride out storms, owners say | Daily Herald Media | wausaudailyherald...

    Read how Hurricane Hugo and Katrina Victims have re-built & live confidently with #DeltecHomes #hurricaneprooof #roundhouse

    Read how Hurricanes Hugo and Katrina Victims have re-built and live confidently with Deltec Homes

    A Deltec Windsor model, at 2070 sq ft, also offers the possibility of building a central loft. #loft #roundhouse @SustainableLiving #HurricaneResistant

    A high wind and hurricane resistant Deltec home on pilings, decked out for the holidays.

    (Right Sized) Paradise in Progress: 18 sides + 47 ft diameter + 1680 sq ft = Deltec Sierra. (And something tells me there is a stunning view just beyond the camera lens.) Click to see more pictures of this build in progress!

    Kamalame Cay, Uribe, Bahamas. Should the weather turn, have no fear—this is a Deltec! Find out why they are hurricane resistant here!

    Nestled among New Mexico pines, this little gem, a Camden model offering nearly 800 sq ft of inside living space, awaits only the landscaping touches that complete a warm and welcoming home. Scroll through 11 sample floor plans and see some variations of what you can do with this square footage. #roundhouse #yurt