Partial lack of boundaries (awesome). Picture embedded within a shape. This could work for a strong cover photo. Make the external plane black and it's all good. My favorite number.

Pat Perry

I love this illustration -- Alaska - Art - Pat Perry // ( John John Van Der Linden)


Baking leaflet - love the simplicity of the grid structure and muted neutral colour palette x brochure


Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design Business Cards - bold and sophisticated typography

Our version of fall because in Miami there is only summer and 2 days of winter (meaning Shout out to Carla who always makes my annoying ideas happen ✨


typethatilike: “ Cobra Wit Co-branding between danish brewery Halsnæs Bryghus and Galleri Liisberg. The beer is a limited edition belgian wheat beer with orange peel and coriander made specially for.