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Martial Arts & Feng Shui

Collection by Delynie Nguyen

Delynie Nguyen
It is often said that our eyes speak a thousand words and is the window to our soul. Do you know that the color of your eyes add more than just the beauty element? Do you know that the color of your e Red Eyes Contacts, Cool Contacts, Colored Contacts, Galaxy Eyes, Eye Images, Beautiful Brown Eyes, Halloween Contacts, Eye Exam, Human Eye

I want to dedicate this topic to remind you the importance of your vision and show you how to improve your eyes health effectively. Yes you read that right, you can bring back your 10/10 vision. Do not listen to the common belief that tells you once you start to see everything blurry, you never see clearly again. You have the power to improve your eyes sight just as easy as how it always naturally heals an open cut on your skin.

How could traditional qigong exercises cure cancer ? Attitude Is Everything, Breathing Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cancer Cure, Qigong, Tai Chi, Stress Relief, The Cure, Mindfulness

How Could Traditional Qigong Practice Cure Cancer ?

Believe it or not, there are people who practise Qigong and Taiji for many years, but still they are not healthy. There are on the other hand those who practise everyday and are very healthy, even though they do not practise for hours and hours. How can this be? Qigong is a powerful thing. Many times I have seen people rid themselves of serious health problems. Some of them have even been told by their doctor that there is nothing more to be done and they should 'learn to live with it'. On…

Free tips and techniques on how to create a feng shui front door. Learn about the importance of feng shui in the home and how to apply feng shui room by room. Entrance Decor, Entrance Design, Front Door Design, House Entrance, Front Door Decor, Feng Shui Front Door, Diy Halloween Dekoration, Traditional Front Doors, Traditional House

In fact, under Feng Shui view the quality of the entrance is equal to how good the house is. When looking for a house, we should really look...

If you happen to train any internal Martial Arts, or even traditional hard styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, etc., I'm sure you would often hear. Nevada City, Spirit Science, Qigong, Feng Shui, Cosmic, Martial Arts, Awakening, The Cure, Healing

If you happen to train any internal Martial Arts, or even traditional hard styles such as Karate, Taekwondo, etc.., I'm sure you would often hear...

Japanese Bedroom Design Image) is part of Bedroom furniture design These days, we advocate Japanese Bedroom Design For you, This Content is Similar With Contemporary Japanese Platform Beds You - Japanese Style Bedroom, Japanese Home Decor, Asian Home Decor, Bedroom Furniture Design, Bedroom Decor, Bedroom Designs, Bedroom Bed, Bedroom Ideas, Oriental Bedroom

Feng Shui of the Bedroom – Part II

Feng Shui is about your environment where you live and how to find a place that is good for your energy. If your energy is good and strong, then your life will be good and your future as well. image courtesy of raleighlandscape There are two points that you need to consider. One part is all the objects you can see and these can be things like mountains, rivers etc., even small things, like tables, doors, bed etc. It also includes things you cannot see which is related to how the energy…

Big wrestler lost to a small Tai Chi expert in takedown challenge. Sport Sport, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Chen, Martial Arts, Challenges, Lost, Wrestling, Training

Big wrestler lost to a small Tai Chi expert in takedown challenge

Video by M Christovano Pacelli‎. Here's his few words regarding the event in this video: Well, in the immortal words of my belated teacher Michael Rosario-Graycar... I was concussed! Definitely puked a few times and am still a bit blurry, but here is something to spread out to everyone. Please keep in mind that, as far as I could tell, he was using about 50% of his power with me (The highest he has ever used on a video)... everything else your going to see from the weekend was at the lower…

Chen Xiao Wang shows off his rooting skills. He has good reason to. Move Your Body, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Feng Shui, Chen, Martial Arts, Told You So, Combat Sport, Martial Art

Rooting Technique in Wingchun system

The easiest way to rob your opponent of their power is to break their connection with the ground. Thus uprooted, Newton's Third Law compromises their ability to generate penetrating force, and reduces any continued aggression from a potentially deadly threat to a mere nuisance. The complementary skill—the ability to keep your footing amidst incoming force—is known in Chinese martial arts as rooting. Typical demonstrations of rooting skill consist of a wushu master in a static posture, with a…

What is a Feng Shui bedroom? Feng Shui originated in China. Some people call Feng Shui a philosophy of life, others call it “a science”. Awesome Bedrooms, Beautiful Bedrooms, Bedroom Romantic, Dream Bedroom, Home Bedroom, Master Bedrooms, Bedroom Ideas, Summer Bedroom, Bedroom Country

What is Feng Shui (Phong Thủy) and How It Affects Our Life ?

Feng Shui, simply means Wind and Water. Together these two elements affect the life of every living thing in our world. If you are my friends in Karate Martial Arts class at MC, you probably should have a chance to gain some knowledge about Qi from Sensei Hardman (whom I'm greatly thankful for first introducing to me about Qi), and its practice called Qigong - the Internal Training. If you are not, to define the the Qi (Vital Energy - chee) term may become a little difficult. It's almost the…