Make a Succulent Wreath

How to Make a Succulent Wreath

We’re showing you how to make a DIY succulent wreath for your home. This living wreath tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating an easy succulent wreath you’ll be excited to hang on your front door or use as a stunning centerpiece.

#Pinterest Pin of the Day :: Re-growing Celery from Celery

A new bunch of celery. Works with green onions too. Grow your own celery from your remains from the store. Just chop of the base and plant. One week of growth shown in photo.


75 Outdoor Upgrades for Under $75

English Terracotta Face Pots are now 4 diameter, 3 high As shown from left to right: Cheerful, Old Man and Surprised

Zimmerpflanzen  Produktion Maria Grossmann

Zimmerpflanzen Produktion Maria Grossmann---yet another use for Droog straps

Cinnamon fern and perennial geranium

10 Top Summer Plant Pairs

Cinnamon fern and perennial geranium. This understated pairing of low and tall shade plants is a natural in a woodland garden. Petite geranium flowers fill the often scraggly looking base of mature ferns with delicate points of pale color

botanical punta cana

botanical punta cana

Spikey Palm

Punta Cana Botanicals

Blaze of Summer Glory

A series of international gardening experts providing advice and, most importantly, in inspiration.

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