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Dmitry Egorenkov
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Radogost is the god – protector of travellers, traders, foreigners; patron of hospitality. If a householder does not take good care of his guests, if he drives off people seeking shelter or harms peacefully passing foreigners and salesmen, then god Radigost punishes him. To good hosts Radigost gives a bless and as they are compassionate to strangers, thus they always find hospitality and accomodation when travelling. Radigost’s name can be derived from Old-Bulgarian raditi: take care, look…

Radergast - Adam of Bremen The God of Hospitality of the Slavic Pantheon. He was worshipped in the Lucitician city of Rethra. His name literally means “dear guest”

Death Knight, Ariel Perez on ArtStation at…

Death Knight – fantasy character concept by Ariel Perez

Plague Knight, mike franchina on ArtStation at…

::rust and death:: ArtStation - Plague Knight, mike franchina

The Black Knight | Flickr

Warrior Culture : Knight The Medieval Knight has become a storybook picture of heroics and romance, honor and chivalry. While in truth the Knights like the Samurai were warrior overseers and noblemen.

Fabulous Knight, Damian Audino on ArtStation at…

Fabulous Knight, Damian Audino on ArtStation