Amber Dempsey

Amber Dempsey

Amber Dempsey
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Cute wedding favor idea: "Watch our love grow" flower seeds. Love this!

Cute wedding favor idea: Watch our love grow flower seeds. Using natural wildflower seeds would make it extra special, easy to plant, and environmentally friendly. Total DIY idea as a party favor

Name Bookshelf - CUTE!!!

Name Shelf- great inspiration to make one for your kid's room. Paint some wood letters or another idea could be to paint some paper mache letters and use as book ends too! (I like this idea, except my kids' names are long.

These prenatal exercises are great to help keep the thighs slim and toned.  Theres no need for your legs and thighs to get bigger while you're pregnant.  Try these prenatal exercises and you will keep your thighs slim and trim.... One day I'll be glad I pinned this!!

Knocked Up Fitness.Great Prenatal Exercises For The Thighs. Crazy good benefits to exercising during pregnancy. These can prevent excess weight gain and help you get in pre-pregnancy shape in just a few weeks. You must add these to your pregnancy plan.