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weaver-of-night tumblr: “okay but what if MCU Bucky Cap tho (his uniform is based off of this one he wore in the comics if you’re interested)” | YOU EVEN GOT HIS ARM STAR RIGHT!!! Please, can this happen?


Funny Pictures 24/7 - Laugh Til You Fart w/ Funny Pics 24/7

I'm gonna be honest here: I was not expecting this

Another amazing version of Captain America, Stephanie Rogers-style, in the Winter Soldier/Commander Rogers uniform. Someone's about to get a shield to the face.

Love Martha.

SciFi | Facebook


  • Meri

    Why would you post this? ;_;

  • Teryn Kravitz
    Teryn Kravitz

    Great. And now it's bedtime. I'm going to have sad Leah dreams all night.

  • Jackie S.
    Jackie S.

    I couldn't help it. I was overcome by feels.

Marvel and Mythbusters

How science works

I think Alfred is probably smart enough to be batman

Walking Dead is so awesome!!! Love this show, we just watched all the seasons recently on Netflix and are hooked!

40 of the Best 'Walking Dead' Memes from Season 3

aka The Most Interesting Man in the World

Chuck Norris has an opponent…


Your Nice New Outfit | The Master Blaster

The Hollywood Reporter - Jason Momoa as Aquaman: First Photo Revealed

Jason Momoa as Aquaman: First Photo Revealed


Good vs. Evil series by J. Scott Campbell - This Is Cool

Notes and signs


23 More Workout Tanks To Not Work Out In


She’s Too Young For You Bro! (20 Pics)

Princess of the year by bealor.deviantart... on @DeviantArt

Princess of the year

I want to make this into a dress! Dressy Wonder Woman Art Print. $5.00, via Etsy.

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Bland Marvel Headcanons

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters. A few of them are kind of a stretch but eh..

Marvel Vs DC: Equivalent Characters

Baby avengers....I think I just died

I found this adorable

He is the Grumpy Cat.

Jeremy Renner Is Grumpy Cat | WeKnowMemes