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Pioneers of the Great Smoky Mountains, ca 1890's. Photo by W.M. Cline.

Zippalu : Photo

Gorgeous friends, circa 1940. - Vintage Black Glamour by Nichelle Gainer

Shenandoah Valley - 1940s


Vivian Maier - Vintage photo

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Old - School Photography, Relaxin' Out In Tha Sun, With Just A Hat!... ;)


civil war era fashion

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Paris 1910

Les anciennes rues de Paris | rue de Venise | 4ème arrondissement

Grandmother by kitchen cabinet; table with dishes in foreground.. From Duke Digital Collections. Collection: William Gedney Photographs and Writings. Mark: Stamp. Date of print: Unknown.

Grandmother by kitchen cabinet; table with dishes in foreground.

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Portraits de criminels australiens dans les années 1920

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old lady and dog

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daguerreotype ca. 1850s - young woman with a cat

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Sister, mid-19th C.

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Dena Roth

Female photojournalist Jessie Tarbox on the street with her camera, 1900s.

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New York City by Leonard Freed

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Johan Hagemeyer, Jane Bouse, 1938

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New York. Newsies Brook No Quarter, 1900.

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New York. Newsies Brook No Quarter, 1900.

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The Walker Sisters House in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee. John and Mary (Wiley) Walker moved here in 1870. Five of their spinster daughters inherited the house and lived the life of pioneers. They raised sheep and cotton from which they made their clothes. They grew most of their food, tended the livestock, and had a blacksmith shop. Other structures are a corn crib and a spring house. The first sister died in 1931, the last in 1964. Photo by Jack E. Boucher.

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Circa 1890. Pioneer Women, look at their strength and spirit! <3

Circa 1890. Pioneer Women

Photo by Vivian Maier

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1900s Children by Gertrude Käsebier

Retronaut - c. 1900s: Children by Gertrude Käsebier

Interior of Room (1860s)

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