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Cappuccino - Who needs a cheese board when you could have a coffee board? Actually, I'll take both.


When Allah is at the center of your priority in life, then you are at the center of Allah's providential care - Hamza Yusuf Islam is my religion.

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The Salat was made compulsory on all the holy messengers of Allah right from the Holy Prophet Hadrath Adam (A.) to till date. However the number & mode was different. & now in Islamic shariat the procedure prescribed is most perfect.

The pretending to sleep so they will carry me to bed is sooo Emma!!! 12 hilarious baby memes

All these are so AWESOME and too funny! love the should I get you a bottle one, she was just changing my diaper.well all of them.they're all hilarious :)

My dear Allah, give me Your wealth, I asked to You only. Bless me with Your kindness, I bow to You only.

"Start a business of worshipping ALLAH and all types of profits will come to you without needing any capital".


"The more you know who you are, and what you want, the less you let things upset you." Inspirational quote with starfish on the beach picture.

menswear this!

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[Doa mohon keistiqomahan]  Mari kita shalat maghrib dan mengucap doa memohon istiqomah kepada Allah.  #doa #islam #shalat #sholat #maghrib #istiqomah

[Doa mohon keistiqomahan] Mari kita shalat maghrib dan mengucap doa memohon istiqomah kepada Allah. #doa #islam #shalat #sholat #maghrib #istiqomah