nothing better than dolphin smiles


Two Dolphins, Nana Takanawa


Spinner Dolphins - Kona, Hawaii by James R. I have memories of swimming with them that I will never forget! SO beautiful!

Dolphin so beautiful,,,                                                                                                                                                      More

baby dolphin shot for you all my dolphin lovers out there today


Cute Spotting: Smiling Baby Dolphins - The Luxury SpotThe Luxury Spot

Magical Nature Tour

A Delightful Dolphin

beautiful dolphin via Search - Google+

A beautiful dolphin jumping over sunset

Dolphin Love

happy dolphins =) for my daughter, Kesha!

Blije dolfijn.

good morning dear friend hope you have a wonderful day

Wild Spinner Dolphins - Hawaii

thelovelyseas: Wild Spinner Dolphins - Hawaii by James Scott

Mother and daughter

Dolphin parent & baby riding the waves!

Dolphins!!! I would be so happy to see this

spend time with dolphins in the wild. San Carlos, Mexico = a dolphin pod in the thousands = IT WAS AMAZING

Pacific Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins call the waters Lanai home. #Hawaii

The west coast of Oahu is home to many Spinner Dolphins. We took a boat excursion that took us to see and snorkel with the dolphins, turtles and other sea life. It was wonderful just seeing the dolphins spinning in the air!


plasmatics-life: plasmatics: Wild dolphin underwater ~ By Vitaliy Sokol


Photo baitball symphony by Alexander Safonov on dolphins charging bait ball on South African Wild Coast. It took many weeks to capture this image - please don't dislike it !

bottlenose dolphin

Symbolic of innocent joy, playfulness