dennis englo
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We need to stop using child as a soldiers .they deserve to be like any others child in the world. they deserve to go to school and being love. and i hope the  government will stop recruiting child and one day somebody going to do something about this and end it up for the sake of humanity
sometimes, child soldiers fight in the front lines of the battlefield. They also work as lookouts, spies, messengers and participate in suicide missions . While the Girls may forced into sexual slavery
They recruited Child soldier because they were easily manipulated. How? they were commonly threaten really bad. they will gets beaten up or end up dead if the child dare to reject the commander orders and this is why they couldn't fight back
Some family needed to sell their very own Child to go to war in order to survive. they must feel really sad and guilty but i'am more curious about the child feels when they were send to war by their parent
Uganda was not the only country that uses child as a soldier. there are at least 14 countries such as Afghanistan, Buma, CAR, Colombia and ect
Children who work as a soldiers were most of them were forced or kidnapped or it could be a cause of money .
How many more children live that need to be spent for the war?
How will their parent feel about their child when one day they will stand up and ask where are my rights? every children have their own rights
Most of the children were sign up voluntarily due to the economical problem
poor child, where would their parent be? isn't it to soon to hold a gun? why don't you just go school and be like any other children