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Humano Paladino

The Crusader, Maxence Bürgel - finally a woman (or fem character) gets a huge overbloated armor and mega hammer.

Miniature Narrative-Based Sculptures Created From Balsa Wood by Vera van Wolferen

Kundai - Miniature Narrative-Base Sculptures Created From Balsa Wood by Vera van Wolferen

1. Ionia 2. Zaun 3. Noxus 4. Bandle City 5. Piltover 6. Institute of War 7. Mount Targon 8. Shadow Isles 9. Iron Solari 10. Tribunal 11. The Black Rose 12. Deep Sea 13. The Kinkou Order 14. Kalamanda 15. Bilgewater 16. Commando unit of Demacia 17. Freljord 18. Demacia 19. Shurima 20. Twisted Treeline 21. Hextech 22. Guardian's Sea  23. Order of the Shadow 24. Conqueror's Sea 25. Void

Ionia Zaun Noxus Bandle City Piltover Institute of War Mount Targon ?

Amulet Necromancer, Ray Lederer

Amulet Necromancer by Ray Lederer on ArtStation.

11054308_580300922111148_370113068263954199_o.jpg (679×960)

Check out this awesome piece by gods on >>> i love how gluttony looks like she could be an internet kid like this is speaking to me

Solid sterling silver #Immortality ring. Available now on the website…

Product Description Solid Sterling Silver Mens ring 2 Blood Red Rubies for eyes. Design features a Sterling Silver Dragon, depicted as the Ouroboros wide at top Supernatural Style