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"Turbine Love" — Kerouac and Lester Bangs give birth to a bastard noir child who is born already heartbroken by a lonely desert roadside.

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"Finalement je n'aime pas la sagesse. Elle imite trop la mort. Je préfère la folie - pas celle que l'on subit, mais celle avec laquelle on danse." ~ Christian Bobin

every little thing she does is magic. It kills him just to be around her. He has been taught all his life to hate magic. And now, even though the girl has saved life life countless of times using her powers. He still hates her, with his every being

silenceforthesoul:Edgar Degas (1834-1917)

Edgar Degas \\ Edgar Degas was very experimental with his mediums in art, often drawing with chalk, painting with oil on canvas, and sketching dancers in pencil and charcoal. But Degas was most known for his pastel drawings, a called the “Pastel Master”.

NUREYEV IN PARIS - Le jeune homme et la mort Photographed by Jurgen Vollmer Text by John Devere

Nureyev in Paris. Faithful photographic rendition of a timeless ballet performance.

Rudolf Noureev dansant Le Jeune Homme et la Mort 1966 - avec Zizi Jeanmaire - Photo : Jurgen-Vollmer

Rudolf Nureyev dancing Le Jeune Homme et la mort with Zizi Jeanmaire - Photo : Jurgen-Vollmer