Denis de Verteuil

Denis de Verteuil
Columbus, OH / Go do something!
Denis de Verteuil
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Striking Cargo Containers painted by ROA, Defo, Pichi & Avo, Jen Zie and Martin Ron   BELGIUM

For the North West Walls Street Art Festival in Belgium, curated by Arne Quinze, each contributor was encouraged to compose something on one side of each of three unique and random-seeming stacks.

Picturesque Chinese Landscapes are Actually Disguised Photos of Landfills  landscapes collage China

"Artist Yao Lu’s works look like classical Chinese landscape paintings, but they’re actually photographs of landfill garbage covered in construction.

Master of Pen and Ink: The Monumental Drawings of Ikeda Manabu painting

History of Rise and Fall. x pen & acrylic ink History of Rise and Fall, detail Ark. x pen & acrylic ink Ark, detail Regeneration Foretoken. x pen & acrylic ink Foretoken, detail The task of Japanese artist Ikeda Manabu is s

Paintings by Michael Kerbow Warn of Dire Consequences for Current Actions surreal painting environment

Their Refinement of the Decline / Michael Kerbow / Kerbow's paintings warn of dire consequences should we continue to industrialize without regulation or care of the environment

Peter Behrens, Atlantropa Pantropa 01 - Peter Behrens - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A Behrens drawing for a proposed skyscraper overlooking the canal locks at the Atlantropa project. Northern Lock with Skyscraper at the Gibraltardam, bird's view (left) and from the perspective of the lowered Mediterranean Sea (right).