Ava Gardner (Smithfield (North Carolina), December 24, 1922 – London, January 25, 1990)

one of the most beautiful women to ever live, Ava Gardner. (and also a North Carolinian like my Ava!)♡ since about the age of I always said when I had a baby girl, her name would be Ava :)

Lovegrove Boudoir | Lovegrove Photography

Here are a collection of shots of intimate couples and friends by Damien Lovegrove. Damien Lovegrove is available for private shoot commissions. Lovegrove clients include professional sports stars and partners.

Even if it is illegal, we should get some on railroad.

Find a set of railroad tracks and get creative. This backdrop works with clients of all ages as well as groups. Remember that rr tracks are quite popular, so show some originality with props, poses, or perspectives.

How to use GIMP

Adobe photoshop tutorials for beginners free photo editing software,how to edit your photography photo editing tutorials,photoshop tutorials tutorial edit foto.

***Sisters by blood Friends by choice***

***Sisters by blood Friends by choice***