Math Doodling

Making abstract math visual: Math doodles let us see and experiment with a wide range of mathematical structures -- and even to feel them, if we include hands-on 3D doodles in clay or other media.

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Math Doodling

Math Doodling

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Combine math and art for creative kids.

Math Art Activities

Fassett by Lynn Mead. Background filler style pattern. Variation stop after step 2 and fill in center of shape solid.

How to draw FASSETT

Modeling in #1Dto2D way. The one-dimensional string is used to make two-dimensional surfaces, ovoids in this case.

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Contact paper kids craft Mandalas

Easy Contact Paper Mandalas -

Make this paper toy and be mesmerized by the colorful action! Based on flexagons and kaliedocycles.

Paper Toys: Flextangles - Babble Dabble Do

Perimeter Problems and Area Art! Looking for a way to reinforce perimeter, area, AND problem solving? This post gives step by step directions on how to make some real math connections for students--and check out the awesome display it makes!

All Things Upper Elementary: Perimeter Problems and Area Art!

Equal incircles theorem

File:Incircles.JPG - Wikimedia Commons

"I tried this at home and it was really fun but quite fiddly - and made me respect the skills of the craftsmen of a thousand years ago, who didn’t have retractible pencils, endless sheets of high quality paper or computer printers...."

Muslim rule and compass: the magic of Islamic geometric design

"Without saying much I plonked a pile of graph paper on the table and some markers, and was pleased to hear some encouraging ‘ooohs’ as the kids each selected a sheet and got to work..."

Graph Paper Drawing - Where Art and Maths Combine.

Drawing with a compass: At first he had a really hard time keeping the compass point steady. We figured out that a piece of cardboard worked much better than plain paper...

Compass Math Art: Round and Round

Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline @Erica Cerulo • What Do We Do All Day? #smartmarch

Math Art for Kids: Pi Skyline

How to draw Celtic Knotwork

4. Answers - Celtic Knotwork: the ultimate tutorial

Construction and deconstruction of a square. Grade 6, geometric drawing.

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Highhill Homeschool: After watching her 13 year old sister recreate a mandala, my 7 year old was up for the same challenge...

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Highhill Homeschool: I challenged my thirteen year old daughter to recreate a Mandala with only a compass and straight edge. No measuring allowed...

Highhill Homeschool: Mandala Geometry Challenge

Topography. And calculus.

Art @ Massac: Topography

Making More with Less: Half Square Triangle Quilt Layouts

Making More with Less: Half Square Triangle Quilt Layouts

love the graphic quality of these. Easy Tessellations (sort of) inspired by Escher. construction paper, glue, sharpie.

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Fibonacci Valentine by Technohippy on deviantART

Fibonacci Valentine by Technohippy on deviantART

The inner section of this design is a Pythagorean spiral. Embellish as desired...

How to Make A Spiral from the Pythagorean Theorem | eHow

Math & Art: Frank Stella's Protractor Series.

For the Love of Art: 6th Grade

Symmetry-Kaleidoscope name design - integrate math and the arts

Lettering | TeachKidsArt - Part 2


Sphereflakes - YouTube

Age 12 ~ Geometric Drawing: These forms were created using a straight edge and compass and are based on different number patterns.

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Kids Artists: letters and figures

Kids Artists: letters and figures