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Math Teaching Tips & Resources

A variety of math teaching ideas for homeschool families or classroom teachers. Learning mathematics is more than just answer-getting: help your students make conceptual connections.

Even if five-year-olds can play with advanced ideas, can they do the next steps toward formal math? Can they actually integrate and differentiate? Are they capable of sufficient level of abstract thinking? These are the questions we are focusing on as our “Inspired by Calculus” local math circles for 7-11 year olds are getting closer to the end.

PUFM 1.4 Subtraction: "Notice that subtraction is not defined independently of addition. It must be taught along with addition, as an inverse (or mirror-image) operation..."

Middle School Math Rules!: Workshop-Rich Tasks (with links) "One of the key components of a successful math workshop is finding rich tasks for the students to dig into during work time. Having our students engaged in deep math needs to be the focal point of our mind-on math workshop..."

Printable dot paper, graphing paper, pattern block grid, hundreds chart, place value chart, nets for 3D shapes, and pattern blocks. Also includes directions for making homemade manipulatives

PUFM 1.3 Addition: "The basic idea of addition is that we are combining similar things. Once again, we meet the counting models from lesson 1.1: sets, measureme..."

Fraction Freebies for Interactive Notebooks: "We are eyeballs deep in our fraction units in 3rd and 4th grade, so I have numerators and denominators on the brain these days. I created this little set of foldable notes to help kiddos remember some key vocabulary and concepts about fractions..."

Pi Day Roundup: "Math holiday alert: March 14th is Pi Day! Here are some ideas to help you celebrate…"

Interactive Math Journals: "For me an interactive notebook/journal is a place for students to keep notes, practice skills and reflect on what they are learning in class. I started slow at first..."

"I love story problems. Like a detective, I enjoy sifting out clues and solving the mystery. But what do you do when you come across a real stumper?..."

Ratio and Proportion Standards Posters: "At the beginning of each unit, I post the standards on individual posters. These standards are written in simplified language to make them more student-friendly..."

Hard Times & How to Learn Math: "The plot below shows the 1-12x tables, with each cell shaded according to how many times students got the corresponding multiplication problem wrong..."

Visualizing Perfect Squares and Square Roots

One Variable Inequalities Notebook Pages: "I issued them a challenge. The first person to come up with an operation that would require us to change the inequality symbol would win a Tootsie Pop. I bribe my students with A LOT of candy..."

A good teacher explanation pairs non-technical words with clear images. Make the concept clear, and then ask students to figure out and *justify* the rule.

PUFM 1.2 Place Value: "Place value is the heart of our number system, the foundation on which all the rest of arithmetic must be built. Because of place value..."

Math Notebooking: "Use colors and highlighting whenever possible to try to show the connection between different things..."

PUFM 1.1 Counting: "Don’t wait until your children reach school age to do mathematics with them. Begin early with oral story problems and hands-on enrichment ac..."

Teaching Perseverance in math -- we must focus a great deal of our attention on actually helping students LEARN how to LEARN! This is particularly true in math where so many of our intermediate students already have decided that they aren't good at math.

PUFM 1.0 Introduction: "The Chinese teachers with PUFM didn’t get it automatically. It grew over many years of teaching several levels of elementary math and of stu..."

PUFM 1.0 Preface: "Home schooling is great for developing PUFM because you teach for years and teach multiple levels. The problem is, by the time you really un..."

Buddy Math: "It's not just for elementary students. I’ve used it with my older kids in algebra, whenever they hit a wall. We used to do a simila..."

Units of measure: Cute for a math journal or lapbook, but hold all the papers together and make the cuts line up!

Good for adding to math journals---Math anchor charts can provide a source of visual reference to support student thinking, reasoning and problem solving…Lots of them, and I love them. : )

Percent Proportions Flippable to help students set up Percent Proportions and perfect for Interactive Notebooks

Equivalent fractions using multiplication chart