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Math Teaching Tips & Resources

A variety of math teaching ideas for homeschool families or classroom teachers. Learning mathematics is more than just answer-getting: help your students make conceptual connections.

Math Teaching Tips & Resources

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April 2015 Math Calendar: Each date is a math puzzle.

Math Manifesto: From the very beginning of my education, I can do these things to some degree. And I am always learning to do them better...

The Math Student’s Manifesto

The students in fourth grade use this chart to help them have a "Math Talk." The students are reminded to repeat what has been shared during the discussion. Then they state their opinion and explain why they are thinking that way. Other members of the class are encouraged to add on to the conversation. Finally, the students are encouraged to wait. The wait is a time for them to stop and THINK.

Talking Stick Favorites: Games Worth Acquiring

Talking Stick Favorites: Games Worth Acquiring!

Each point or block that has been reflected must remain the same distance from the mirror line as the original point. So if point A is 3 squares away from the mirror line, then the reflection of point A must also be 3 squares away...

Symmetry Activities

Free Fraction Strips Template

Nyla's Crafty Teaching: Free Fraction Strips Template

Love these FREE math Problems of the Month from Inside Mathematics! There are problems for K-12 math students...

Teaching the Standard Algorithms: One of the biggest arguments surrounding the Common Core State Standards in math is when and how to teach the standard algorithms. But this argument is not new...

Teaching the Standard Algorithms

I am often overwhelmed by blank pages and millions and millions of questions. I want simple. I want quick. I want concise...

Slip into your workout clothes and pump up those mental muscles with the Annual Mathematics Year Game Extravaganza!

2015 Mathematics Game

Ask questions that guide your students to think more deeply about math problems.

Jeromie Heath on Twitter

Journal Wizard math blog *** "A year ago today, I began sharing my experience with journaling and education. Over this past year I have prepped more of my foldables and notes on the computer to cut time in class and presentations. I have uploaded all but one of the pieces to as a PDF to my google drive. This google drive is shared with the public..."

December Advent Math from Nrich --- a mathy Advent Calendar with a new game, activity, or challenge puzzle for each day during the run-up to Christmas. Enjoy!

December Advent Math from Nrich

Mrs. E Teaches Math: All of this takes maybe 15 minutes, but it makes such a world of difference for my students!

Mrs. E Teaches Math: How I Teach Function Notation

Have a Mathy Christmas: In the holiday gift-giving spirit, I’ve started making a list. Check out the links below for more mathematical Christmas present ideas...

Have a Mathy Christmas

A-Hunting They Will Go: Using math to find the perfect Christmas tree...

A-Hunting They Will Go

"While my forte is literacy, ALuv’s {currently 2nd grade} is definitely math. Just last week, my mom (who helps me homeschool three days a week) challenged him with a Christmas math activity. He was to figure out how many presents altogether 'my true love' gave in the 12 days of Christmas song. She w... "

12 Days of Christmas Math Activity

Christmas Math Puzzles and Activities: We interrupt our regularly scheduled math program to bring you the following Christmas links…

Christmas Math Puzzles and Activities

Most of these can apply to homeschool teachers, too!

Prime and Composite numbers- This is how I teach this concept. Each student does 2 numbers from 1-50. We keep a chart of the findings. They make all the possible arrays in an organized manner and record them for each number on a master chart. Those with only 2 arrays are prime (n x 1 and 1 x n), all others are composite.

Anchor Charts to Support Math: "These anchor charts were created with students during mini-lessons. They were not created in isolation by teachers and then presented to the students..."

Math Coach's Corner: Anchor Charts to Support Math Workshop

In grade one, students will work with whole numbers and place value — including grouping numbers into tens and ones as they learn to add and subtract up through 20...

Roadmap to Mathematics: 1st Grade

In grade two, students will extend their understanding of place value to the hundreds place. They will use this place value understanding to solve word problems, including those involving length and other units of measure...

Roadmap to Mathematics: 2nd Grade

Vidal Sassoon: "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary."

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Don’t think of the standards as a “to do” list, but as your guide to an adventure of exploration. The key to learning math is to see it the mathematician’s way, as a game of playing with ideas.

Roadmap to Mathematics: Kindergarten