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Playful Math for Middle & High School

As our children (and their parents!) play around with mathematical ideas and the relationships between them, we develop deep understanding that is strong enough to support future learning.
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Many children (and adults) believe “math with letters” is a jumble of abstract nonsense, with too many formulas and rules that have to be memorized if you want to pass a test...

Understanding Math: Algebraic Multiplication

High school math teacher Chris Rime has done it again. Check out his November 2015 printable math calendars for Algebra 1 (in English or Spanish), Algebra 2, and Geometry students. Enjoy! Things to...

November Math Calendars

great activity teaching rations and proportions plus useful link to Dan Meyer's Three Act Math Tasks which is a collection of creative real-world math problems supported by videos (math centre enrichment?) | math problem-solving

Math = Love: Sugar Packets and Proportions


"7 Animated GIFs That Will Make You Instantly Understand Trigonometry"

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How can we divide it evenly, so we each get a fair share? How big is your piece?

Infinite Cake: Don Cohen's Infinite Series for Kids

Memorizing area formulas is a rite of passage for adolescents. It’s fun and useful—you know, like acne...

The Secret to All Areas

Math Manifesto: From the very beginning of my education, I can do these things to some degree. And I am always learning to do them better...

The Math Student’s Manifesto