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    Playful Math for Middle & High School

    As our children (and their parents!) play around with mathematical ideas and the relationships between them, we develop deep understanding that is strong enough to support future learning.

    Playful Math for Middle & High School

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    Invent a new sequence. Give it a name. I’d love to hear how you explain it!

    Math with Many Right Answers

    Building Linear Functions - Authentic Math Task Lesson Reflection good for algebra 1 or algebra 2

    Mrs. E Teaches Math

    How can we divide it evenly, so we each get a fair share? How big is your piece?

    Infinite Cake: Don Cohen's Infinite Series for Kids

    Math game and logic puzzle from Henry Dudeney’s classic book, The Canterbury Puzzles.

    Math Game: Thirty-One

    Real world problems. Great many movies can you see in one day, justify answer with viable argument.

    Lessons | Robert Kaplinsky - Glenrock Consulting

    April 2015 Math Calendar: Each date is a math puzzle.

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    Memorizing area formulas is a rite of passage for adolescents. It’s fun and useful—you know, like acne...

    The Secret to All Areas

    The Secondary Classroom can be fun too.....: Formative Assessment Lessons - They are more fun than they sound!

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    Math Manifesto: From the very beginning of my education, I can do these things to some degree. And I am always learning to do them better...

    The Math Student’s Manifesto

    Slip into your workout clothes and pump up those mental muscles with the Annual Mathematics Year Game Extravaganza!

    2015 Mathematics Game

    Hit Me! (Integers Math Game) Build understanding of negative numbers with this family-favorite game.

    Hit Me! (A Math Game)

    War: what is it good for? Printable cards for Trig and Logarithm War game from The Pai Intersect.

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    Age 12 ~ Geometric Drawing: These forms were created using a straight edge and compass and are based on different number patterns.

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    Complex Numbers and Story Time - John and Betty's Journey into Complex Numbers - Using "story time" in high school

    Mrs. E Teaches Math: Complex Numbers and Story Time

    Capture/Recapture - Use proportions to show how math is used in real-life.

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    Algebra 2 Foldables Made By My Students: "Their assignment was to create 3 interactive notebook pages over 3 topics we studied this year. Please note that these were all produced by my students, and there are several small mistakes sprinkled throughout them. If I do this project again, I think I will have students submit a rough draft for me to review before they complete their final drafts...."

    Math = Love: Algebra 2 Foldables Made By My Students

    ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS by zenpencils: Science All-Stars! Click through for details about each scientist.

    152. ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS: The science all-stars poster

    Pondering Large Numbers: "Human intuition serves us well for the numbers we normally deal with from day to day, but it has a hard time with numbers outside our experi..."

    Pondering Large Numbers

    Egyptian Geometry and Other Challenges: Would you like to study “the knowledge of all existing things and all obscure secrets”? That is how Scribe Ahmose (also translated Ahmes) de...

    Egyptian Geometry and Other Challenges

    20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World: Unfortunately, mathematicians often get little recognition for their contributions to history. We're changing that right now...

    20 Mathematicians Who Changed The World

    Graphing Polynomials Project: "Create your personal birthday polynomial. Use the digits of the month, day and 4 digit year of your birth – in order – as the coefficients of the polynomial..."

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    Mr Collins Mathematics Blog: Constructions resources using 'Comic Life' --- I love these guides to geometry constructions. So cool!

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    Angle Sum Theorem: It's not a rigorous proof, but it's a start. Helps students internalize the principle that the angles of a triangle = a straight line.

    Teaching in Special Education: Angle Sum Theorem

    Interesting hands-on applied math problem.

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    Proofs without words: two algebraic identities about series. These are very beautiful with beads or other pretty counters. #MathWithoutWords

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