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Playful Math for Preschool & Early Elementary

As our children (and their parents!) play around with mathematical ideas and the relationships between them, we develop deep understanding that is strong enough to support future learning.

Geoboards are a great tool for exploring various mathematical concepts with different ages of kids. Even young preschoolers like my three-ye...

Must-Read Math Book: It’s a short book with plenty of great stories, advice, and conversation-starters. While Danielson writes directly to parents, the book will...

Playing with Color Tiles & Cubes: "We’ve enjoyed lots of games and activities with one inch wooden color tiles and cubes. Here are a few of the highlights..."

"It’s spring and it’s time to get outside and learn! This sidewalk chalk number line activity is great because it uses almost no materials and you can use it however your child needs to..."

Monty Hall and M&Ms – Statistics for Kids: "There is an interesting little puzzle called the Monty Hall problem that is a great way to introduce statistics for kids..."

Does your little one have trouble holding the cards when you play card games? Grab some Legos and make a Lego card holder!

20+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart: Are you looking for creative ways to help your children study math? Even without a workbook or teacher’s manual, your kids can learn a lot a...

DIY Lego Puzzles: "Here’s the idea: Use photos of various Duplo/Lego configurations as puzzle cards that children can recreate with their blocks at a later date..."

Counting and Subitising Activities: "Subitising refers to immediately knowing how many items lie within a visual scene for a small number of items. Subitising contributes to early forms of grouping. Seeing parts of a whole or that numbers are made up of other numbers...."

Number Logic MiniBooks: "Here we have taken the Addition puzzles from Mental Monday's #19 and turned them into a series of mini booklets. This makes them ideal for children to work through at their own pace..."

Fraction Name Art: "This week in math, my super sweets are continuing fractions. Tomorrow we are going to do some name art, and then we're going to break that art down into some fractional fun..."

Talking Math With Your Kids: "This is one of my favorite tasks in recent years. The idea is that we will compare two sets of Peeps. Are there more of one color or the other?..."

CHEEZ-IT Area & Perimeter: "What a great way to introduce the concept of area and perimeter to kids! Start out creating squares and rectangles and find the area, perimeter. Then, have kids construct irregular polygons.."

How to Make a Math Board Game with Your Children: "Be creative with your board game, making fun starting and ending points. For example, the start space on your game could be your home, and the end point (winner’s space) could be grandma’s house..."

"We’ve been doing all kinds of math with Legos, and most recently it’s been fractions! Gresham (2nd grade) is new to fractions, and so we used Lego bricks to look at fractions from a variety of angles. It’s really easy to build fractions with Legos. We built 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 by making towers …"

Mental Math: Addition. The purpose of number bonds is that students will be comfortable taking numbers apart and putting them back together in their heads. As they...

Game: Hundred Chart Nim: The first player chooses any number from 1 to 15 and places a token on that square of the hundred chart. On each succeeding turn, the pla...

Lego Challenge Math Activity for Kids (with Free Printable): "Practicing math skills like spatial awareness and geometry can be fun, especially when the math activity involves Legos! Here’s a free printable math challenge for kids using Lego or Duplo bricks..."

Negative Numbers for Young Students: "Would you like to introduce your students to negative numbers before they study them in pre-algebra? With a whimsical number line, negative ..."

DIY Clothespin Number Line...hands-on way to practice number recognition and number sense concepts with kids

Playing Card Holder for Young Hands: Little hands often have trouble holding more than a few cards at a time. Your child may enjoy making and using a card holder. Save the pl...

Mastering Miquon: Top Ten Tips. Think of the worksheets as math lab experiments. You are trying out the ideas with your child to see what happens. They aren’t like quiz she...

Yelena McManaman’s son Mark loves deep ideas. In one of his latest experiments, Mark invented a way to model fractals with two mirror books.

Velcro Dot Craft Sticks: "Attach velcro dots to every end of the craft stick making sure that you use the same kind of dot on the same side and the other for..."