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Playful Math for Preschool & Early Elementary

As our children (and their parents!) play around with mathematical ideas and the relationships between them, we develop deep understanding that is strong enough to support future learning.

Playful Math for Preschool & Early Elementary

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fraction game using connect four for a math activity

Fraction Game { with connect 4 } - Learning After School - No Time For Flash Cards

Staple five pieces of construction paper together and then slice them up to make a flip book...

Fractions in Action

On every page are four shapes. The question is the same throughout the book—which one doesn’t belong? If you are thinking, “It depends on how you look at it,” then you’ve got the idea...

Building a better shapes book

Negative Numbers for Young Students: "Would you like to introduce your students to negative numbers before they study them in pre-algebra? With a whimsical number line, negative ..."

Negative Numbers for Young Students

Math Coach's Corner: A Mathemagician's Game for Making Ten

Math Coach's Corner: A Mathemagician's Game for Making Ten

Games and Activities with Pattern blocks: The best part of playing with pattern blocks is sitting next to another person and conversing about anything and everything while you play...

Playing with Pattern Blocks | Unschooling Conversations

Seeing Improper Fractions: ...where the numerator is larger than the denominator, like 5/3 or 289/18. Children naturally get used to thinking that a fraction is like a partially filled pie. 3/4 means we had a pie with 4 pieces but there are only 3 left. And then we spring 5/4 on them--- “Huh? If there are only 4 pieces in the pie to begin with, how is it possible to have 5?”

Seeing Improper Fractions

Work on math and fine motor skills with this fun laundry inspired match game. Match up the numbers on the socks to the numbers on the clothes pins.

Hanging Out The Wash { Math & Fine Motor Skills}

Straws, shoelaces and fine motor skills in children. It’s a good activity for kids over 2 years of age, but while my toddler was stringing, my much older kid also sat by our side with a shoelace in her hand, so the age thing is quite relative…

Drinking Straws, Shoelaces and Fine Motor Skills | krokotak

Giant Pattern Block Scenes: Contact paper is a wonderful stabilizer so kids can create giant pattern block scenes without getting frustrated by pieces being moved around.

Giant Pattern Block Scenes - Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting

Game: Hundred Chart Nim: The first player chooses any number from 1 to 15 and places a token on that square of the hundred chart. On each succeeding turn, the pla...

Game: Hundred Chart Nim

Must-Read Math Book: It’s a short book with plenty of great stories, advice, and conversation-starters. While Danielson writes directly to parents, the book will...

Talking Math with Your Kids

"This game held Owen’s interest for several rounds, but the amazing part was that it also held his brother’s interest as well (ages 7 and 10)!"

Let the KIDS decide what to write on the post-its: any calculation that = the house number.

Here's a post with lots of suggestions for using Cuisenaire rods.

Playing with Cuisenaire Rods | Unschooling Conversations

"Math is so much more appealing (or at least more tolerable for those who don’t prefer it) when you add a hands-on dimension. Here is a collection of activity ideas for math in the elementary years..."

Subitizing Activity: dot patterns, ten frames, rekenrek, finger patterns---The game Savvy Subitizing that I play with this deck of cards is a subitizing activity which builds students’ Spatial Relationships around numbers, but also develops the other number sense relationships of One/Two More or Less, plus, many of the cards encourage students to use the Benchmarks of 5 & 10.

Savvy Subitizing Activity - The Recovering Traditionalist

20+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart | Let's Play Math! Look for counting-by (multiplication) patterns. Colored disks are nice for this, or use pinto beans. Mark the numbers you hit when you count by 2. What pattern do they make? Make the counting-by-3 pattern, or mark the 7s, etc. You may want to print several charts so you can color in the patterns and compare them...

20+ Things to Do with a Hundred Chart

DIY Rekenreks: "Rekenrek translates loosely to calculation rack or arithmetic rack. The rekenrek is a great visual model for developing a strong sense of 5 and 10, and it supports a strategy-based approach for learning calculations."

Math Coach's Corner: DIY Rekenreks, Take 2

Elementary Problem Solving: The Early Years. For preschool children, mathematical concepts are just part of life’s daily adventure. Their minds grapple with understanding the three-ness...

Elementary Problem Solving: The Early Years

Looking for simple ways to encourage math thinking with your learner? These 10 Questions are great for any age, any grade, and any skill level.

10 Questions To Encourage Math Thinking - Lemon Lime Adventures

Do your kids enjoy learning about how things work? Do they love to solve problems? Did they grow up reading classics such as HTML for Babies?? If so, you may be raising an engineer in-the-making! Here are some of our favorite play ideas and activities to foster the next generation of innovators...

Simple Activities for Little Engineers - Inner Child Fun

Fraction Game: Student roll dice with fractions of 1/6, 1/3, 1/2,1. The goal of the game is to fill the hexagon on the pattern block worsheet. You can also use two dice add the fractions and put the appropriate piece on the board

Towers Up! Whatever number you get is how many blocks you take away. So - say you roll a 3 and a 5. You can take away a tower with 5 blocks and another one with 3 blocks. OR you can take away two towers that are 4 blocks high...

be the thread: towers up!

Shape Logic Math Game for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and 3rd Grade Homeschoolers

123 Homeschool 4 Me: Simple, Hands on Logic Math for 2nd Graders