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Prepper- food dehydrating

Dehydrated Hamburger “Rocks” for Long Term Meat Storage

Oven dried cherry Tomatoes

Oven Dried Cherry Tomatoes

Dehydrating Potatoes - and how to get the onion smell out of your dehydrator after dehydrating a batch of onions!

a solar dehydrator made out of an old refrigerator

Good information for dehydrating food.

How long to bake basically every fruit and vegetable to turn it into a chip, great for snacking!

The Homestead Survival: How To Make Pumpkin Flour DIY Recipe & Video

How to dehydrate eggs, how to freeze eggs. Great way for chicken owners to save up for the days when their hens are molting and not producing eggs!

Professor Plum, In The Kitchen, With The Food Dehydrator

apple cinnamon chips: sprinkle with sugar & cinnamon then bake at 225 for an hour.

dehydrated pears, just like candy

Zucchini fruit snacks! I have to make triple batches in my dehydrator because my kids eat them so fast. Great to use up those log sized zucchinis. Choose to Thrive

Dehydrating kale for use in foods for that 'punch' of cholesterol-lowering, cancer risk-lowering, detoxification, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory goodness.

Spinach powder. Good way to add some vits and flav to some dishes.... made in the dehydrator

Dehydrated pear crisps will make your children believers! In dehydrated foods that is. So easy to start eating healthy this new year. Start dehydrating at home and provide healthy dehydrated crisps to your family. Easier than you think. Just ask me any questions, Stephanie at!

Dehydrating onions at home to make onion powder is so healthy and easy. > First, get yourself some fresh onions. > Slice them in rings. > You can either slightly boil your onions, or not. > Lay your onions on your trays, be sure not to touch each other. > Check them in about 4 hours, and flip over. > Check in another 4-5 hours. > You can either store the onions in a vacuum sealed bag or use a glass jar, tightly sealed. Don't forget to use an oxygen absorber to keep out bacteria. ...

Drying garlic in a dehydrator for garlic powder.

Homemade 7 Day Sugar Plums - The Art of Preserving, made easy. -

dehydrating apple fries! We will show you how easy it is to slice fresh applies in a fun fry shape. I used nothing but organic lemon juice (sprayed) and cinnamon. I hope you enjoy it, and go buy yourself a large amount of apples to dehydrate at home. Thank you!

Dehydrating Series Part I Or How To Pack 8 Bags of Celery Into A One Quart Jar