physical therapy fun and facts

physical therapy fun and facts

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7 Elderly Exercises to get the Body Moving #ElderlyExercise #HomeHealthCare #AssistedHealthcare

Elderly Exercise: 7 Exercises for an Ageing Body

Carpal Tunnel Rehabilitation Exercises

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These would be a nice visual to help families understand the deficits that the patient has.

Funny and Crazy pictures, Images,Gifs, Jokes

Free site for creating home exercise programs

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Sitting's toll on the body

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Here is a list I typed up of 100 common intervention terms used in documentation

Creative Clinical Social Worker


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exercises for patellar subluxation - Google Search

Summit Medical Group - Kneecap Fracture Exercises

This is What Sitting For Too Long Can Do To Your Body (Click image to expand)The Mind Unleashed writes:With the continuous progress of technology, we need to put less and less effort to get the things done. And it’s not only about jobs, which are getting more and more computerized every day; it’s about our lifestyle in general.If in the recent past we had to wash the dishes and clean the floor ourselves, now there are people who have a dishwasher and a robotic vacuum cleaner which can do that for us. I’m not saying it’s bad to take advantage of the privileges of technology (I’m a fan of technology myself), but the problem is that, as a result, there are those of us who sometimes tend to avoid physical activity and end up sitting for more hours a day than our parents and grandparents did.Let’s take a look at some statistics. Approximately 80% of the Americans use the Internet on a daily basis, and there is at least one computer in 90% of the homes. Of course, it’s not only about the Internet usage or home computers. Imagine how many Americans do office jobs that require sitting in a chair for at least eight hours a day.The real problem is that even after a long working day, many people continue spending their free time in front of a screen, watching TV, playing video games, browsing the Internet or chatting with friends online.So when it comes to health problems, the statistics show that 40% of people who suffer from back issues tend to spend long hours sitting at the computer. You may think that back problems are the only major consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple, and recent research reveals that too much sitting is linked to a number of health problems, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes.Here is an infographic that explains the health problems associated with spending too much time in a chair. There are some recommendations on the proper sitting position and exercises too.I hope this information will help those who sit for many hours a day improve their lifestyle.

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12 top tips in working with people with dementia. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

12 top tips in working with people with dementia

Non-Conventional Hand and Wrist Exercises That Work! | PHYSIO ANSWERS

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Blood pressure - high, low, good

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LE myotomes and dermatomes - YouTube

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Shoulder Examination / Subacromial, Cuff - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim - YouTube

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Pain-scale-39-WB.jpg 1,153×574 pixels

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‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine - The Washington Post

‘Text neck’ is becoming an ‘epidemic’ and could wreck your spine

Did you know that there are distinct differences between Alzheimer's & Dementia? As a caregiver or family member to an aging loved one, it's important to understand the differences. #EndAlz

Dementia Care Plans | Alzheimer's Care

Knee Problems?

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90% of the time I say go with ice

Should You Use Ice or Heat for Pain? (Infographic)

9 Things You Should Know About Pain

9 Things You Should Know About Pain -

Guide To Understanding Pain -

Pain -

Education from a Physical Therapist Before Back Surgery May Reduce Cost, Improve Outcomes -

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Start Building a Home Exercise Program

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Treating Pain - This works great for deep muscle pains and the, "tension" triangle pain you feel in your upper back. Leaning on the tennis balls

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Physical Therapy library--for patient HEP printouts

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