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memories if growing up in the 60's and 70's

memories if growing up in the 60's and 70's

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THE ORIGINAL TOWER RECORDS STORE on Sunset Blvd., in West Hollywood, CA

The Original Tower Records - photo 2

Girl Scout - Brownies - wore it.. even the beanie

Vintage 50s 60s Brownie Girl Scout Costume - for Adult

I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid. Mom would use it to keep track of how much she was spending as we were getting groceries.

Moon Boots - 70's

Tecnica® 'Rainbow' Moonboot® | Nordstrom

1960's 5 Year Locking Diary with Key

  • Camille Hatcher
    Camille Hatcher

    Wow, seriously, I had this exact same diary! Makes me smile:)

Smock Tops...and sewing your own clothes

  • Alison Sears Amato
    Alison Sears Amato

    Made one in home ec class in 7th grade.

I remember this pattern!

that was a big year

  • Rick Meyers
    Rick Meyers

    Class of 76

  • Barbara Swanick
    Barbara Swanick

    Me too!!

  • Rick Meyers
    Rick Meyers

    I knew there was one more !!

COCA COLA Fountain Soda

  • Terri Bowermeister
    Terri Bowermeister

    This just makes me think of Donges (sp?) n Xenia!

Carnation Instant Breakfast

Baby Boomer eMuseum
  • J

    Powder for breakfast! Mmmm.

  • Mary McFarland
    Mary McFarland

    You're gonna love it in an instant!

The 70s

70s-child: Misc.:

Highlights makes me think of going to the Drs office, it was the only fun thing about it!

made and loved these

The Manhattan Mix: The best of friends buy me presents!
  • Lenore Diviney
    Lenore Diviney

    my eight year old just learned tomake these! = )

I was never very good at making these! So much fun drawing on them!

How to Make a Paper-Bag Book Cover
  • Michelle M.
    Michelle M.

    niether was i! my mother had to do them all :)


Ismoyo's Vintage Playground - Treasures and Crafts

Butch Wax!

Typing class

  • Denise Dedrick
    Denise Dedrick

    I was really bad at typing!!!

  • Geraldine Shoemake
    Geraldine Shoemake

    Loved typing class!

  • Galynn Meek
    Galynn Meek

    Love typing class, too!

The glove compartment door that opened flat and had 2 indented circles where you could put your drink

stretched shaped bottles

  • Anita B.
    Anita B.

    oh my goodness I had forgotten about these. LOL Why did folks do this anyway ha ha ha fun memory.

  • LaVonna Betz
    LaVonna Betz

    I have one! Great piece of Americana of '60s carnival days.

Show and Tell

1974 - speed limit lowered to 55 mph

Latch hook kits -1970's. I used to make these.

  • Kay Fry
    Kay Fry

    My Mom & I made several!


Good Times, Noodle Salad: Dickies!!

Ban de Soleil for the San Tropez tan!

  • Brenda W.
    Brenda W.

    And the tube was metal. Applying it in the Az. sun was always tricky.

  • Sharon Muench-Traynor
    Sharon Muench-Traynor

    used this...i can still smell it

Graham Kerr - The Galloping Gourmet

Graham Kerr: The Galloping Gourmet :: 100 Miles – A Food Blog