82nd medics resting after being re-united with the rest of their Company during the D-DAY landings on June 6 1944.

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Auschwitz. They had to sleep here. Crammed in so tightly that if one needed to turn over, they all had to turn.

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Very Rare WWII Enigma Cipher Machine. This highly important three-rotor Enigma deciphering machine was used by the Nazis during World War II. It is believed that acquisition of an Enigma and the subsequent deciphering of the German codes by the Allies shortened the war in Europe by at least two years. Examples of Enigma machines are exceptionally rare and almost all known models are in museums.

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Dead Indians are frozen in the ice the morning after the Battle of Wounded Knee, 1890. The Wounded Knee massacre remains very much in the hearts and minds of Lakotas, with many annual remembrance ceremonies and pilgrimages to the site. The Wounded Knee massacre marked the symbolic end of large-scale Native American armed resistance in the United States.

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april 12th, 2012 .. holocaust survivor helen handler rests her head and cries on the wall of a rail car that will go in the Holocaust & Tolerance Museum, in Phoenix. The railcar was brought 11,000 miles from Macedonia to Arizona. The last time she saw her family together was on a similar car on the way to Auschwitz ...

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