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Cute Dachshunds

Cute Dachshunds

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dancing doxie #cute #dachshund

"Who peeped on your pillow? Certainly wasn't me...mystery indeed"

Winnie the Dachshund

"Ooooo daa-ling, tomorrow is national be a millionaire day! Care to meet me for some pool lounging?"

"Ya dig?"

Super Weenie Hideout Cave

"A whole new wooooorld"

About Baker - Derry Henrick

Gator got your paw?

About Baker - Derry Henrick

Snow beast

"Note to self, next time...don't take the stairs"

New Years Resolution: More cardio for Dachshund

Who wore it best? Piebald Dapple Doxie vs. Aussie Shepherd

"Yo where's dinner?!"

Hurry Hurry if we don't leave now traffic will suck!

Summer Breeze

"You're MINE!!!!!!!"
  • Rebecca Lenahan
    Rebecca Lenahan


"Beach puppy, beach puppy, jump through the sand......"

Cyoot Puppeh ob teh Day: Beach Runs is teh Bestest Runs
  • Freda

    looks like my youngest girl when she was younger.

  • Teacher Fluff and Really Good Stuff
    Teacher Fluff and Really Good Stuff

    I hear the Beach Boys!

  • Jenny Fevurly
    Jenny Fevurly

    Oh, is this puppy cute!

  • Logan Jarnigan
    Logan Jarnigan

    Hello , cool link . Make Sure to see my board

  • LadyDusk

    baywatch! so cute :)

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Dacshund Real Estate Agent: Will find you good home with awesome backyard and low counters in kitchen for easy access to stealing food

Crusoe the Active Adventurer!
  • Barbara Allyn
    Barbara Allyn

    Could be my granddog, Weezy. HE does have computer skills.

  • Cathy Nestor
    Cathy Nestor

    My mini lays across the laptop do I have to stop typing and give her a hug!

  • Leonie Dupras
    Leonie Dupras

    these are such cute pics

  • Chris Collier Wilkinson
    Chris Collier Wilkinson

    We have 2 minis-long haired dapple and short haired blueberry and a those long doggies! I love your board!

  • Gayla Templeton
    Gayla Templeton

    Low counters not needed for my daughter's doxies. They can jump onto the counter w/o breaking a sweat. My grand daugher is a 6th generation doxie owner.

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HEY theres my cart!

"Um yeah I have a question...."

long haired miniature dachshund with one ear standing up

"O yeah this is the life"

Friday=DJ dachshund time

  • Erika G
    Erika G

    love this photo!

"You say I need to get a job? Well Poooo pooo to you!"

  • Joycee Aumann
    Joycee Aumann

    LOL looks just like my little guy, Logan

  • Coretta Donlon
    Coretta Donlon

    Nice Pin!

"Hey guys I checked out the stair situation and they WAY big and obviously a go on this route"

miniature dachshund Archives - A Place to Love Dogs

"O yeaaa we made it...izz Friiiiiiday!!!!!"

  • Shigeki Morimoto
    Shigeki Morimoto


  • Bridget Villareal
    Bridget Villareal

    Looks just like my Pumpkin!

  • Madeline Jimenez
    Madeline Jimenez


  • Kim Cosenza
    Kim Cosenza

    Oh Yeaaa you make my weaner dance !

  • Laura Morris
    Laura Morris


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"This so beats the shoes lifts I was going to get"

Funny Pet Costumes | Amazing Creatures

"Maybe if we all stare and look cute they will give us that yummy smelling snack they have"