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handprinted flowers and leaves on a table with colored pencils next to them
Çocukların küçük kas becerilerini geliştirip eğlenceli vakit geçirmelerini sağlayabileceğimiz bir sanat etkinliği
a stuffed chicken sitting on top of a pile of noodles
Yo Yo Chicks and Bunnies
There is a rabbit too!
a handmade christmas card with a tree made out of books on top of it
Tower of Babel
Pop up tower craft for Tower of Babel in Genesis from Ronda Duval on her Hands On Bible Teacher blog.
someone is cutting out a paper whale with scissors
[The Gratitude Project] Sabbath Day
Jonah & the whale clothespin puppet
Jonah and the Whale Bible Craft For Kids, Whale Crafts, Children's Church Crafts, Sunday School Crafts For Kids, Bible Crafts For Kids
Bible Worksheets for Kids & Adults
Jonah and the Whale Bible Craft
two pictures of blue and white paper fish
bible crafts on pinterest | Jonah and the fish. DIY bible craft. | Bible Story Activities
an image of people riding on the back of a boat with a giant purple whale
Jonah and the Whale Cartoon Illustrations - Ministry-To-Children
Jonah and the Whale Cartoon Illustrations
the native american art logo with an image of a whale in red, black and white
This is my favorite design. I have felt a deep relation to Jonah in my adult life I want this as a reminder to stay the course.
two children holding up their drawings in front of them
Funky fish art project
Beth's Art Blog: Funky fish art project (This would be a great project for a Jonah and the whale.)
a paper cut out of a child's drawing of a whale and sea creatures
Jonah and the Whale
a drawing of a dragon attacking a man
“More Kind to Us than Jonah”: Lewis & Clark Meet the Blue Whale
Jonah and the whale
two pictures of scissors with fish on them, one is cut out and the other has words written on it
Jonah and the whale
an origami fish made out of yellow paper on a wooden table with the word,
Bible Lesson: Jonah and the Whale + Craft Tutorial |
an image of a whale with people in the water
The Story of Jonah and the Whale in Balloons
The Story of Jonah and the Whale in Balloons
a man is sitting in a red tube
Lessons from Jonah
A Child(ish) Perspective: Lessons from Jonah