Great Ideas for the First Day of School like...make your syllabus different from the other 6 they'll get, activities to help kids get to know each other (and help you get to know them), a great first day math activity.

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A "getting to know you game" for a large group of people.

Mommies Hobbies: Switch Sides if...

Icebreaker: Roll & Poll

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conversation cards1 Would You Rather questions for kids great for long car trips!

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Family Coat of Arms | PDF

Coat of Arms - PDF

David Weedmark has written a good and simple post about Team Building Activities With Lego Bricks on eHow where he has summarised well the core essence of using Lego Serious Play in team building activities. Nice…

Team Building Activities With Lego Bricks | eHow

Icebreaker: The Great Candy Pass - Quick, easy, and fun icebreaker.

Icebreaker: The Great Candy Pass - Women's Ministry Toolbox

Ice Breaker Games for Staff Meetings .

Ice Breaker Games for Staff Meetings | eHow

Meme Activity! Students can work in pairs and create awesome and creative memes. It would be very easy to incorporate Common Core into the assignment. After they are finished, they can be placed on a bulletin board or just turned in for a grade.

Meme Activity BUNDLE! Presentations, Activities, Editable

30 days of Ice breakers- create the staff you want

30 days of ice breakers for the yearbook staff

Back-to-School Icebreakers! These 20 icebreaker activities provide great ideas for learning about your new students and enabling interactive and engaging introductions. All are classroom-tested and loved by students, and many can be used throughout the year! $

Back-to-School Icebreakers: 20 Activities Plus Handouts

Teen Talk Made BY TEENS FOR TEENS Fun way to REALLY get to know other teens. Ideal for groups & a nice ice breaker! 50 diverse questions sure to spark some colorful conversations Question Cards attached to a round carabiner keeps them organized. Great for fun conversations anytime, anywhere!

Child Therapy Toys - Teen Talk

Get to know you games

She's crafty: Get to know you games

This is a fun activity for kid and adult groups. The Chocolate Personality Test

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puzzle piece

2 Great First Day of School Collaborative Projects


The Middle School Counselor: Icebreakers

Get to know you games

She's crafty: Get to know you games

Have one person sit on a chair in front of a white board while the others wrote a positive phrase about them. Take a picture to give to each person. good way to build a strong classroom community. can do with younger kids too. Staff bulletin board idea.

Farnsworths: Youth Activities

Animal Emotions Game: Kids act out what they roll with the dice. Example: "Happy Lion", "Scared Bunny", "Dancing Snake". Hilarious! Would be a great rainy day or "beat the heat" indoor game.

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Conversation starters

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cute idea

Gallery & Inspiration | Picture - 513674

Heart Maps

The First Grade Parade: Our Week in Review

good activity with teenage girls

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Mini-unit that promotes good self esteem in your students! {FREE} Should work nicely with "bucket fillers"

What the Teacher Wants!: Bucket Fillers

Qs for kids

Kid Talk 1.0 | iMOM