AGD File to: Layout Font and Graphics. Use in marketing AG Design to publishing house for periodicals. Nice use of typography and patterns for this magazine layout.

Minimal Style Magazine. Download here: #design #mag #magazine

Minimal Style Magazine

This magazine has a spread page featuring a good photo. It has a larger margin around it than the photo on the front cover. The margin for the text is also fairly large and makes for easier reading.

Despite the simple grid and amount of information the use of hierarchy helps navigate through the editorial piece efficiently.

60 Stunning Pieces Of Editorial Design

Use columns and an organized grid layout to design around lots of text. Great editorial design from Showgun.

< 粗犷 > 疯狂着 、细腻着|字体/字...@LeungSan采集到字体设计(106图)_花瓣平面设计

< 粗犷 > 疯狂着 、细腻着|字体/字...@LeungSan采集到字体设计(106图)_花瓣平面设计

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Selected typography works, logos and images. I was glad to work with this companies and shall upload the photos of the stuff when it will be available. Big Thanks for supporting and checking my stuff!

Today I am unfolding before you perfect examples of typography usage in logo design by Oleg Gontarev.

2017上半年·手绘字体作品|平面|字体/字形|姚天宇_         - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)

2017上半年·手绘字体作品|平面|字体/字形|姚天宇_ - 原创作品 - 站酷 (ZCOOL)