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New York  ·  Designclusive forms a bridge between the awesome design product companies and design enthusiasts who want to make design an important part of their lives.
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Dean Kamen - A Great Designer's Ideas

Dean Kamen - A Great Designer's Ideas

Designclusive offers exceptional design products that connect the innovative companies with the design enthusiasts.The categories are Tech, home, kitchen, music

Are you looking innovative design product & best electronic gadgets online? Designclusive is the best online store to buy electronic & interior design products.

Knocki - Smarter Home with a Knock

Knocki™ is a wireless device that instantly transforms any surface into a remote control. The possibilities with Knocki are endless. Stick Knocki on your front door to get a text…

Pebble and Coolest, The Most Successful Kickstarter Design Product Projects

Pebble and Coolest, The Most Successful Kickstarter Design Product Projects

Heiku Senseme Fans - Can Ceiling Fans be Smart? Apparently So!

The next frontier in connected home appliances could be ceiling fans. Well, not could be, it is—at least where Lexington, KY-based Big Ass Fans is concer

ZUNGLE : Wear the Beats

Zungle Panther is designed to solve problems of those who want to listen to music while enjoying outdoor activities. These audio shades are not only aesthetical


Zoe: "The crowdfunded device by Protonet offers data security in an increasingly crowded smart home market"


ZipShooter Portable Camera Dolly - A new camera dolly design has arrived on Kickstarter this week thanks to designer Paul Jackson, in the form of the ZipShooter camera dolly, that has been created to carry both DSLR cameras and smartphones.

ZEROHOUR APEX: Titanium Tactical Pen

Amy Truong & Aaron Son is raising funds for ZEROHOUR APEX: Titanium Tactical Pen with Tungsten Tip (EDC) on Kickstarter! Glass breaker + self-defense tip. Titanium or aluminum.

Xpand Lacing System

Comfort, style and performance packed into one shoe lacing system! Never tie your shoelaces again. The worlds simplest shoelaces. Polyester elastic with lockin


Wynd is a smart air purifier that is portable, cleans effectively, and continuously monitor air quality. The purifier removes allergens, microbes, and industry