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    Riding a rickshaw in Hong Kong PRODUCTS THAT I HAVE CREATED

    Dolls created for pre-school children to help them identify and deal with bullies. See video Bully Kids/ Timeout Bunny Press a button on the hand and the bullies say typical things a bully would say. Press a button on the other hand of the doll, and the parent or child can respond to bully - and playback. Also, TIME OUT BUNNY. A real suave character.

    A hands free umbrella that I designed for people who have a lot to carry - or just for ease. When not in use, it become's a handy holder for any kind of bag. SEE VIDEO: Nadddda

    This is a line of products that I designed with the standard black and white running shoe as a theme: Video:

    She's the only thing on this Pinterest site that I didn't create. And she is perfect.

    Out getting fish & chips with her Aunt, while I explain the Leaning Tower of Pisa to her.

    Designed these sunglasses for Racing!

    More samples of my shoe cap designs.

    Shoe caps. Had this crazy idea to make hats that matched shoes.

    Self loading garbage bins. I have them in every room of my house - but could not get a taker on sales for them. They do work great though!

    I designed Life Lamps so that families could insert their own photographs and create a unique lamp.

    These are finger puppets I designed so that kids could insert their own faces into the clear plastic piece.

    Designed these visor tire caps for Nascar.

    Some designs I created for a US store wanting Poodle stuff.

    Tissue dispenser designed for purse.

    Designed clothing for women for all sports. At least I have a set of each.

    Designed and sold these Mascot Finger Puppets to The Detroit Tigers.

    Designed these Blue Jay Mascot finger puppets.

    Designed these drink holders in the shape of the Blue Jays Mascot.

    A simple backpack for kids to play basketball anywhere. Also holds a couple of books if necessary.

    An idea I came up with for kids at school or in parks. There are so few basketball posts for kids to play with - so I designed a backpack with a hoop.

    A hand held, battery operated, portable grilled cheese sandwich maker.

    Spelling Bee. This doll says the letter when pressed. Intended to help pre-school children learn the alphabet and to spell.

    Huggabee's. Bee shaped dolls with arms that extend and wrap around. Smaller versions were created for fingers.

    Harley Hub Cap themed Kapz that I designed with mini pull down mirrors.

    Hub cap themed jewellery that I designed.

    More motorcycle style earrings that I designed

    Motorcycle themed earrings that I designed.

    Designer throw pillows with a motorcycle theme.

    A variety of interchangeable clutch bags that are motorcycle themed.

    A completely Harley clutch bag.

    Another version for more up scale outings.

    A designer clutch bag that can be worn at clubs and for dancing.

    Stuff I created for motorcycle enthusiasts. These are clutch bags that strap on, so that you are free to dance, or can ride a bike without carrying a purse.

    The favourite bag I designed. I use it often.

    Hands free Umbrella Backpack for kids.

    I designed these Bobsled backpacks for the Olympics - but was too late to make it happen. :(

    Backpack with lunch kit built in.