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Dish storage in kitchen island. Genius!

Dish storage in kitchen this idea! I LOVE the idea of keeping plates in a drawer. This is a great example of drawer storage I would like in the island and cabinetry. Little or no standard cabinet fronts down low. all drawer storage.

Under cabinet knife drawer - away from little kids reach

DIY Under-cabinet knife block drawer - Away from the kids reach and off the counter! 3 Kitchen Storage Projects - Could store flatware or spices in these drawers too!

false drawer fronts to hide outlets

Love this idea; never did like the look of outlets on the side of my island. Kitchen island with outlets disguised as drawers Brilliant! Add a USB Port and it will be even more brilliant

Sliding cabinet shelves for dishes and flatware. Designed by Colleen McGill

Sunny: Do pull out shelves in dining built ins with no cupboard door. Put tall trim on the drawers to make them pretty and to hide hardware rollers. Basically open shelves that pull out.

I like this so much better than a cabinet full!

Spice drawer, I have large pull outs with my spices in single file now on either sides of my 5 burner stove top. It's a pain to bend over and grab the spices. This is much more convenient.

Remodeling | Kitchen | appliance garage

Best Ways to Store More in Your Kitchen

See through cupboard doors. Put Corners to Work Perpendicular countertops result in extra-deep corners that often go to waste. Put this area to work storing small appliances. Install a door that slides down to conceal the contents.

Appliance garage warrandyte transitional-kitchen

Stop the appliance garage a few inches shy of the edge of the countertop to flow better into the perpendicular cabinetry

Great place to hide small appliances. A must!

Small kitchen appliance storage solutions is one of most ideas for kitchen decoration. Small kitchen appliance storage solutions will enhance your kitchen's kitchen storage. This small kitch.

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