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The Rabbit | society of architecture

The Rabbit | society of architecture

SCI-Arc+students+build+affordable+home+in+low-income+Los+Angeles+neighbourhood IS THIS AN LA SOLUTION THAT WOULDN'T WORK IN COLDER REGIONS?

IVRV House by Sci-Arc and Habitat for Humanity LA, affordable architecture in Los Angeles, California, USA. Photograph by Joshua White


Image 14 of 35 from gallery of SCI Arc / Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles + Darin Johnstone. Photograph by Joshua White

주거프로젝트의 특징은 기존 주거공간과의 연속성을 보장 하는 동시에 개별적인 생활공간 및 휴식공간을 창출한다는 점이다. 대가족과 생활하는 젊은 부부의 사적인 공간 확보를 위한 주거프로젝트는 가족과의 관계, 기존생활공간과의 연계성을 신설된 주거의 측면에서 복도로 연결하며 외형적으로는 전원마을에 유니크한 박공지붕으로 디자인된다. 이러한 외형적 형상은 내부에 설치된 U자 벽을 길이방향으로 연속시키며 V자형..

Koya No Sumika by mA-style Architects Small attic spaces are tucked between the ribs of a triangular roof at this house extension in Japan by mA-style Architects

Space Inbetween by Worapong Manupipatpong  #Architecture

The series of spatial structures are combination and overlapping of basic architectural-elements (roof, floor, wall, window, and ladder.

Création d'un abri en forêt à Bertrichamp (54) France Livré en 2014 Commune de Bertrichamp et Conseil Général 54  Christophe Aubertin Architecte

Image 15 of 30 from gallery of Creation of a Forest Shelter at Bertrichamp / Studiolada Architectes + Yoann Saehr Architect. Photograph by Nicolas Waltefaugle